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ABC parody: I’m so over your ALPBC partiality…

” I’m over and over

tryin’ to excuse your point of view

I’m over and over

Your slant and bias too

I’m over and over

being treated like a fool

And I’m over and over

continually funding you..”

“When it’s over you’ll discover

What a free market can do

Hey you can show partiality…

Can’t wait to see that profit chart

turnover, takeovers…

It’s what the grown ups do

“Tell Grover, it’s over,

no more dog porn too…

For anyone looking to see our experience of ABC partiality, see how they sent a crew of four across the country to take two hours of debate footage and produce a segment where I say 18 non sequential words, and David says a sentence on national television that he never even said (thanks to the power of cheatin’-editing). (Read it here, see it here). Yes, it’s that bad, except when it’s worse. If you want to know what the dog-porn line refers too, see that sordid work blasted at Andrew Bolt’s. As Bolt says “Time to Cleanse the ABC”.

My view is that all the ABC staff who publicly condemned the “dog” and the climate bias, and insisted that the ABC should provide balance, should keep their jobs. Am I wrong, or is that a 100% funding cut?

They are serving themselves, not the nation. We should turn off the tap.

Good on you stuviewer

h/t Jim Simpson.

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