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A win for Australia! Government scraps Climate Commission.

Thanks to Steve Hunter. See more of his cartoons at Andys rant.

Taxpayers rejoice! The science-propaganda agency is gone for good. One down — scores to go.

Tony Abbott was sworn in yesterday. Today Greg Hunt rang Tim Flannery to tell him the commission is closed. His $180,000 3-day-a-week job as a sales agent for “climate change” is over.

BREAKING (ABC):  The Abbott Government has abolished the Climate Commission, pushing ahead with its plan to scrap government bodies associated with Labor’s carbon pricing scheme and climate change policy.

The commission was set up under then prime minister Julia Gillard in February 2011 as an independent body “to provide reliable and authoritative” information on climate change.

Jo Nova applauds the Abbott government decision to cut waste and to stop funding an inept unscientific agency which was unbalanced to the point of being government advertising in disguise.  Today is a great day for taxpayers. This agency propped up billions of dollars in pointless futile government spending trying to change the weather. Nothing will bring back money spent on desal plants that were mothballed when the floods came that real scientists predicted. Likewise the money burned on solar panels and windfarms is gone for good too, and still going.

Emma Thompson reports on this from the ABC. As a fan of big-government she doesn’t challenge Flannery when he says the commission was independent and apolitical, despite it being completely dependent on government funds, not just to run, but to carry out its plans. And despite the fact that the commission omitted every inconvenient fact it wanted to, presenting a continuously one-sided story that served their own personal agendas. She interviewed no citizens or scientists who might have expressed a view that this move was wholly beneficial, a good step scientifically or very sensible and popular.  (See my bolded quote above).

Tim Flannery speaks plain unvarnished nonsense:

“”We’ve stayed out of the politics and stuck to the facts,” he said.”

“As a result we’ve developed a reputation as a reliable apolitical source of facts on all aspects of climate change.

“I believe that Australians have a right to know – a right to authoritative, independent and accurate information on climate change.

In 2011 he compared “climate change deniers to flat Earth believers “. Another Flannery apolitical fact?

The Abbott government has these in their targets too, but needs to pass legislation to remove them:

“The Coalition Government also wants to dump the Climate Change Authority, which was set up in 2012 to provide independent advice to the government on the carbon price and emissions reductions targets.

Mr Hunt yesterday instructed his department to begin drafting repeal legislation to abolish the authority, in keeping with its over-riding plan to scrap the carbon pricing scheme.

In what is likely to be a harder task, the Government has also announced it is preparing legislation to scrap the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).

Also set up in 2012, it has been provided with $10 billion in funding over five years to support private investment in renewable energy.”

It is not over yet. The Labor Party and Greens have left toxic bombs in the legislation they hope will stop the voters being able to remove unpopular, wasteful programs.

“…the Australian Conservation Foundation has released legal advice that the CEFC is “obliged to follow its legislated mandate and cannot be frustrated in that regard by attempted ministerial interference”.

It also says the board “would be obliged to ignore” any direction to cease operations.

The Greens have said they will oppose any bid to abolish the CEFC.

Full story ABC

If the Climate Commission had served the public they would have helped the public understand the limitations of models, their failed predictions, their weak assumptions, and they would have revealed that renewable energy rarely reduces CO2, and that even if it did, Australian’s were not likely to reduce global temperatures by even 0.01C without spending exorbitant sums. If they had served the public, they might still have jobs.

H/t to Tim and Marcus

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Thanks to Steve Hunter. See more of his cartoons at Andys rant.

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