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10 million pageviews, 1.6 million visitors — new media reaches an influential audience


Admire the power of the Internet. Since I started blogging we’ve had 9,999,619 pageviews. Minutes to go…

UPDATE #1: 10,000,075 pageviews. Thank you.

UPDATE #2:  Extra special thanks to the volunteer moderators who work anonymously to keep things on track, who deal with the malcontents, complaints, and unpublishable bile and my evolving strategies. They made the 10 million pageviews possible and the 180,850 comments.  They are spread over three countries and every timezone, and have been helping for 2 – 4 years each. They are a source of wisdom and advice. I would not be able to do this without their help.

Statistics show 1.67 million unique visitors from 225 countries have come to the site.  From the extraordinary comments on Monday’s thread many readers are highly qualified in Engineering, Geology, Physics, Law, Medicine, Accounting, Architecture, Agriculture, Chemistry, Ecology and Education. From personal contact I know readers also include three national cartoonists, several members of the Australian and British Parliaments, State MPs, staffers to elected representatives, IPCC lead authors, journalists and at least six well known columnists. Readers include a professional full time carbon trader and several major investors, at least one of which I know has made quite a lot of money shorting renewables in Europe. I feel honored. humbled and grateful. Thanks to all who have supported me this year, to make this work possible. I still owe many of you a personal email.

There is a smart class of movers and shakers who influence events and markets. Even though the mainstream press may relentlessly report only one side, the other side of the message is getting out — may the best arguments win.


There is an audience here of around 5 -6,000 influential and independent thinkers a day.  Those who only follow the old media are missing a quiet revolution.

Commenters:  September 24, 2013 at 8:37 pm (Thanks to mpf)

| B.Tech(Hons), P.Eng.(APPEGA,Life Member,Alberta,Canada) | BS Computer Science, 1985,MS Computer Science, 1988 | , MSc Toronto, Canada |  BS, Physics, US Air Force Academy 1986), MBA Webster University 1989 Air Force Institute of Technology 1991 | B.Eng (Chem) 1989, Unversity of Melbourne | BSc Geology, MBA, C.Sci | MComm(Econ), BBus,(Fin & Econ), Dip FP, CFP (retd), Life Member FPA(Australia) | BE Hons (Mech) Queensland 1992, Chartered Mechanical and Biomedical Engineer, EMBA. |  , BSc Hons Physics with Theoretical Physics, MSc DIC Atmospheric Physics, MSc Applied Statistics. |   B.Agr.Sci, BA |  (MSc – Laser physichs ) |   PhD geology,  (1979) Leiden University, Netherlands |  Bachelor of Business – Operations and Logistics Major, 1992 |   Elton Mayo School of Management, University of South Australia. | BSc(Hons) Applied Zoology, MSc Ecology, HNC Information Technology. Now retired. | B.Sc Wales Electrical and Electronic Engineering B.Sc London Pure Maths |  BSME/MBA (New Jersey Institute of Technology/University of Rochester) | BSc(Maths)Dip Ed 1978 Uni NSW, BEng (Civil Hons-1) 2007 University of Newcastle, NSW |  MEng (Civil) 2008 University of Newcastle, NSW | ACA (ICAEW), MSc (Medicinal Chemistry), BSc (Chemical Technology) | M.Sc. (University of Leeds), Ph.D (University of Western Australia) |  Asc Dip Eng 1993 (University of Southern Queensland. USQ) | DipTechEng, BE(NSWIT, MIEAust, CPEng, Consulting Structural Engineer | BA. | MLT, B.Sc. |  Engineer, Retired John Rae BSc(Hons)[James Cook Uni], MBA {Griffith Uni], AIMM, MACS | , B.Arch (Mwlb.) F.R.A.I.A. | B.Eng |  B.Eng(Hons), M Tech | Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery St Andrews University 1968, Fellow, Royal College of Pathologists of London 1977, Fellow, Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia 1978 | Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery Sydney University 1986 | B.Sc. Chemistry(Hons) University of Liverpool | MSc MAIG MIEEE Geologist | BSc (Geology)(UNSW 1968), Dip Education (UNSW 1969) |  BE (Software) (Hons), BSc (Physics) | D Engr engineering physics Technical consultant, US Dept of Energy, Adjunct Associate Professor, Office of Advanced Engineering Education, University of Maryland at College Park | BA(hons)DipEd | PhD(geology) | BSc (Syd 1985) BE(Hons) (Syd 1987) MIEAust | MSc Hons(Geology) 1966 Auckland | BSc (Geology & Geophysics) 1967,  University of Sydney. | MB BS Adelaide 1972 | MBBS [UQ] | BSc (Electronic and Electrical Eng., 1971), PhD (real-time embedded systems) |  CEng, MIET, MIEEE | (geosciences) M.Sc. (Hons.); D. Phil. | BSc University of Queensland 1972 | Associate Diploma in Electrical Engineering. | BSc (Geology). Engineering Geologist. Consultant. |  BSc(Hons) Adelaide (Organic Chem.) | B.Sc (Hons)[Chemistry] Dip. Ed. | BSc(Hons)(Geology UNE) Dip Ed | MSc, PhD (Otago) [anatomy], PGDip Biomechanics (Strathclyde) | IntPE (NZ), MBA, BSc (Mech Eng), PMP | B.Science (University of Newcastle, 1989) | Grad. Dip. OHS MGT (Adelaide Uni) | BSc (Geology)(UNSW 1985) |  BSc. Engineering | Cert. Sci Geology, James Cook University. |  B.Sc. (Chemistry), Ph.D. (Chemistry), P.Chem. |  BSME, 1971, Cal Poly State University, Pomona |  BE(Aero)Hons; former Senior Research Scientist, ADSS. |  BS (Physics) 1971 Bucknell University, MS (Geology) 1973 Brown University MS (Finance) University of Colorado Denver | BSc. Aerospace Engineering; Georgia Tech, MSc., Aerospace Engineering, Georgia Tech |   Dip Ed, B. Ed,(Deakin Aust) |   B.Sc.(Hons) UWA, Graduate Diploma in Computing WAIT, retired geophysicist | BE UNSW, BSc(Hons 1) PhD(Theoretical Physics) University of London 1984 | PhD (Physics). Monash University. |  MA(Cantab) – 1970 | , MA (Cantab) in Mechanical Sciences. M.Eng.Sc. (UNSW) in Nuclear Engineering. |  Pharmaceutical Chemist ( retired unregistered) B Econ (U of Queensland) |  Dip Tchg from Massey University (NZ) plus a Trained Teacher Certificate |  BSc Optometry, LOSc |  PhD Geology |  PhD Science (University of Sydney) |  MB.,BS [UNSW 1979]. |  B.Com (UWA 1997), MBA Adv. (UWA 2005) |  Ph.D. (Plasma Physics, 1985, University of Colorado, Boulder) President, Rockfield Research Inc., Nevada, USA |  B.Sc(Hons.) University of Melbourne 1973 |  BSc (1988), PhD (1991) psychology, University of Nottingham |  (Norway) PhD MSc BSc MBA |  BSc (Physics and Maths) (University of Melbourne) |  B Eng, MRINA, Naval Architect |  B Agr Sci Grad Dip App Sci (Computing). |  BSc (Wits) |  B. Sc (Hons) |  BSC geology and Geography (1998), University of Wollongong |  B.Eng. (Mining) (1978) |  BSc (1986) (Applied Mathematics and Computer Science) – Adelaide University |  B.InfTech (University of  Queensland, 1999). |  BA Grad Dip [Highway & Traffic Eng] |  BSc., Msc. Geology |  B.Sc. (Physics and Applied Maths), B. Ed. St., Dip. Ed. |  BSc, PhD, DSc (Qld) | M.Phil, Ph.D. Geologist |  Bachelor of Business, Certified Practising Marketer |  BA (English and Psychology) University of Western Ontario (1971) |  BSc, MenvM, Geologist |  B.Sc., Psychology and Computing, University of Queensland, 1986.  |  B.E. (Mech.) (UWA 1982) |  M.Eng., P.Eng, P.Geo., Geotechnical Engineer | B.E.(Mech) University of Wollongong. |  MSc(Lond) DIC BSc(Hons) BA MAusIMM AIIA(WA) | … and more

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