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Watch the spectacle that is Australian Politics: Ballot tonight. Rudd Wins PM

Posted By Joanne Nova On June 26, 2013 @ 4:46 pm In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

UPDATE: Rudd wins 57:45.

Who will lead the nation? A diabolical choice. Gillard has lost all goodwill and credibility. If she’ll lie once…  there is nothing she can say that will be believed. Polls are at record lows for the Labor Party here, but the dilemma is that the most popular Labor contender (at least in the polls) is also the former PM Kevin Rudd, despised by many in his own party, and whose polls were so low three years ago they turfed him out.  He still carries the baggage of all the worst policy calls — the boats, the “Climate” action, the NBN, the debt. The Unions that control Labor don’t want Rudd, who threatens their power, but are facing a wipe out either way. Will Rudd stand? (UPDATE: Heywood in comments says Rudd has agreed to contend). Will some other candidate pick up this poisoned chalice? Despite all this, the public perversely want Julia to go the election. Payback time?

Voting at 7pm EST tonight. See Bolt. (A bit over an hour to go).

“Gillard calls a leadership ballot for 7pm tonight. Says she will stand. Says no one has told her they will stand against her. “

Oakshott and Windsor both resign, doing the only thing they can after betraying their largely conservative voters: flee from their constituents retribution. Both these men have likely cost the nation billions of dollars with their self-serving decisions to seek political “stability”.

See this post for updates as they come in… this is a constitutional first in Australian history. Rudd still needs the votes on the floor of the House. The election date is up in the air. The Deputy (Albanese). The Treasurer?


UPDATE: 8pm EST:  No decision on deputy or an election date, yet. No announcement about timing of visit to the GG, yet.

The ABC is canvassing constitutional lawyers. Rudd needs confidence on the floor (meaning enough House of Reps Votes — I hear Katter pledged before the vote, what will the other independents do?)…. or he will have to call an election asap.


UPDATE: 8:25pm. Independent Andrew Wilkie will vote with Kevin.

Julia Gillard will be resigning (when? – presumably at the election…)

Swan, Ludwig, Conroy, have quit the cabinet. Emerson too.

Garrett will go?


UPDATE: 8:40pm. According to Annabel Crabb on News 24 Rudd may lower carbon tax?

Penny Wong is new leader of the Senate.


UPDATE: For anyone who can bear the gory detail, and is curious about the spectacle, OzBoy sums up the last few ridiculous years of Australian politics. h/t to Delingpole for the tip.

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