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Global gloom. Help. I need a new computer.

In astrological terms, Jupiter must be passing through my technology zone. Yesterday the web-host was down for 15 hours. Today, my computer collapsed randomly into the blue screen of death. It can be revived, sort of, but the five-year-old-overworked-disc only springs to life for short bursts in between intermittent freezes. It’s been kind, letting me back up. But it doesn’t last — we are now stuck in an infinite degrading loop where it crashes, logs off and restarts, thoroughly error checking the full disc, and an hour later I can do another two minutes work, before the Goto-loop-from-hell starts over. 😐

Sorry to all the people who emailed me today, Robert, Horst, Jennifer and Jim I was about to reply… Tony, Mods, I’m working from  a lap top… my brain has shrunk from 2 x 30 inch, to 1 x 15.  Please be patient. I don’t think I’ve lost emails, but I can’t see them right now.

Five years! The blog-war-horse is gone. 🙁

Donations gratefully received. A newer monster with more memory has been ordered…

Right now these self funding academic researcher-analyst-commentators could do with support. Those billion dollar government departments don’t seem be in a hurry to fund people who want sensible policies that reduce your tax-burden. We’ve got our nest-egg packed away with a long term view in a moderately ambitious arrangement — we never want to work  for anyone — but until that boat comes in (and it may not) we sure do appreciate your support, so we can keep saying things you want someone to be saying…


**TIP JAR – a number of readers have asked about the tip jar. It is in the top right hand side of the page. Click on that and it will take you to a place you can make a Pay Pal contribution or below that a non Pay Pal or  Non Credit Card contribution. Jo is too modest to put this up here, but as one of the moderators I can attest to the incredible amount of work Jo puts in and I can also attest to her lack of big oil or government funding. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks to the contributors on behalf of Jo- Mod


 UPDATE: Wow!  I’ve been out most of the day but what an amazing response! This is all so extremely helpful. I’m humbled. Really. Contributions are still coming in from all over the world. Speechless…  this is so useful!

A very grateful Jo

PS:  I want to thank everyone… please be patient. I can’t email easily at the moment…

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