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Fun on Friday. Smile :-)


 This is funny.

Michael Davis Ford’s Theater part 2

Yes that is Ronald and Nancy Reagan in the front row.You know it’s good when you watch it again and it’s still funny. Notice the way Davis keeps setting up the audience to expect one thing, then gives them something else. It’s not just with words — like the sentences that start with cliches, and end in … something else —  he does it with his gestures, his eyes, the props. Again and again. It’s that knack of lining up the whole audience to expect one outcome, then suddenly changing tack, dropping the word, the look, or the bowling ball…

For a comedian, the funniest lines are not usually the most sophisticated jokes (even though it can be quite a sophisticated process to set up a simple punch-line). In the science of jokes, it’s more the speed of the snapback and whether he can take the whole audience with him in the same moment. Being too-tricky means half the crowd would be still wondering what happened. The giggles would never become raucous laughter. It’s a critical mass, a phase shift. He’s got it.

We are, in the end, a gregarious species. We laugh as a group.

He’s still juggling. 😀


h/t Peggy. Thank you.

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