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Oops Climate Commission graph: Queensland warmed nearly 3 degrees in 50 years?

If Alan Jones needs to get “educated” because he got the level of CO2 wrong once, the Climate Commission surely needs to go back to do high school maths, because anyone who has done junior high can see that the running average in the graph below is an impossibility. The latest Climate Commission report: “The Critical Decade: Queensland climate impact and opportunities” starts with blatantly incorrect figure. Since when do “averages” run outside the extreme highs and lows? Thanks to reader Ian E.

Eyeballing this graph suggests Queensland’s average temperature has risen by 2.7 C since the 1950’s.

Queensland warming, Climate Commission, error in graph

The text on the same page says: “The average temperature for Queensland has risen by about 1°C since early last century”. So at least the writing matches the official (if exaggerated) records.

Who proof-read this document?

Three professors (Will Steffen, Lesley Hughes, Veena Sahajwalla) and Mr Gerry Hueston, all Climate Commissioners, signed off on it.

The correct graph should look more like this.

 (Graphed by Ian E)

Even the 1 degree trend in this graph above is likely to be exaggerated

Ken Stewart and the others in the independent BOM-audit team found that even the 1 degree of warming claimed in Australian temperatures relies on high adjusted data like this graph in Brisbane (described in this post).

The BOM also used data records that were as short as 12 years in their High Quality network. Compared with the raw records, Ken Stewart found the trends in the raw data were adjusted up by a whopping 40%.  (Which still isn’t as outrageously adjusted as the boys at NIWA in New Zealand managed.)

Warwick Hughes has also noticed the error.

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