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Thompsons Update – looking for work in the US, and pursuing DEC legally in Australia

Matt Thompson was asked for an update from a local reporter in West Australia, and sent this today:

Thank you for your enquiry. We believe that we were treated extremely unfairly by DEC. Through draconian licence restrictions, they made it impossible for us to continue operating Narrogin Beef Producers, after we had received all the required permissions and gone through all the proper processes before and during operation of the feedlot.

We were also in a dispute with NAB over their involvement in destroying our company. About a month ago, we reached a settlement with the NAB which included giving them possession of Narrogin Beef Producers’ physical assets. We still retain the right to sue the State over the destruction of our business, which we are still pursuing. This is our only means of attempting to repay unsecured creditors.

We are interested to see who ends up in possession of our former assets, as these assets would have no value unless the new owners are treated differently by DEC than we were. We remain deeply saddened by the destruction (including abattoirs) of the beef industry in WA, which showed such promise a few years ago. This senseless economic destruction has ruined many people’s lives and was caused by some very ruthless people.

We send our kind regards and sincere appreciation to the many good people of Western Australia who worked with us and for us on our project and who traded with us. We remain determined to fight for justice in this matter for them and for us.

Kind Regards,

Matt Thompson

Matt W. and Janet H. Thompson
San Angelo, Texas

Matt and Janet are in Texas and looking for work, and willing to move. If anyone knows a business looking for someone of the utmost honesty and integrity, with initiative and an impeccable work ethic, either of them would be an absolute asset. (I’m thinking: management, policy, agriculture, business). They are people who get-things-done, sensible, smart, personable, likeable, and easy to work with. Knowing this couple well, I can vouch in full for their upstanding trustworthiness and jack-of-all-trades capability. Ask me for more details: (joanne AT joannenova.com.au), or email Matt at  mattjanet AT suddenlink.net.) Somewhere out there in the US is a business, institute, or organisation that really needs a quality employee…

For those who wonder why we keep track of these excellent people, read all about how they were running a business so profitable they were turning away customers until they spoke out against carbon legislation. I would not have believed what happened to them could occur in Australia. Their determination to get justice and stoic good humour are inspiring.

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