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Allegations about our PM raging across the internet around Australia

For the last three months emails have been burning across Australia with links to Larry Pickering. It’s a mark of the times that the ground breaking investigative research and news is breaking through the blog world, and barely touched in the mainstream media (see here and here as it starts to come out.)

All I will say is that our prime minister, Julia Gillard, strenuously denies any knowledge of illegal activities, but Larry Pickering, a well known national cartoonist,  is piecing together allegations (like extortion, misuse of union funds and money laundering) that many Australians will find very interesting: “Our prime minister is a crook” Part I (and “Is our prime minister a crook?” Part II) UPDATE: and now  Part III

UPDATE: PART IV (There are two sites to check on, especially if one is down – The Pickering Post and Larry Pickering)

For foreign readers: If the allegations pan out, this could bring down a government and one day may become a case study in the depths of systematic corruption and deceit in Western democracies. It’s a spectacle. If true, it does not get much more sordid than this. To make sense of this you’ll need to know that Julia Gillard is our prime minister and was a lawyer who lived with a top union official called Bruce Wilson in the early 1990’s. AWU means Australian Workers Union.

I don’t feel I have the legal protection to say more at the moment.

Long live the world wide web.

See also Bolt, Cando (for videoes of how the AWU scandal was covered up), Kangaroo Court has been on this for longer than anyone possibly (see here too).

h/t to Terry, Donna, Mike, Peter, Neville, Jim, Robert, Richard, Peggy, the Kerrs and others. h/t Update Truthseeker and Peggy

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