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Denialists will soon run the show? Not at all. Those in denial are losing to the realists.

Posted By Joanne Nova On July 21, 2012 @ 2:38 am In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

O woe betide those who are losing. Graham Readfearn moans and laments the Green-Labor losses that are likely to come nationally in the near future. Readfern packs the whole kit-and-kaboodle of fallacies, misnomers, and confounded reasoning into one article.

“Anyone who places any stock in safeguarding the current and future climate (and for that matter anyone who doesn’t) should prepare themselves for the risk that very soon, climate science deniers, contrarians and sceptics will be running the show.

But who are the deniers here? Readfearn fashions himself as a bit of an expert on deniers, so you’d think he’d be able to say what they deny. But Readfearn thinks skeptics deny that CO2 absorbs infra red:

“To Pearson and others, the experiments of John Tyndall in 1859 which established the warming properties of what we now know to be greenhouse gases just didn’t happen.

Dear Graham, if you bother to get accurate you’ll note that Spencer, Lindzen, Monckton, Michaels, Douglass, Singer, Idso, Knox, Soon, Svensmark, Christie, Watts, Carter, Giaever, Schmitt and I could go on (Evans, and dare I say Nova in that list) — all agree that CO2 is a greenhouse gas. It may come as a surprise to you — a shock by golly — but the debate (which you evidently aren’t aware of) is not about whether CO2 absorbs infra red, but whether that warming effect is significant.

It’s the feedbacks Graham. Feedbacks. It’s time to admit that the debate is about the amplifying feedbacks (present in simulations of the climate, but not so in the real climate). Graham, as long as you pretend that “Tyndall denial” is what the debate is about, you are misrepresenting the science. What can I say? You are in denial.

Readfearn can’t name any evidence to back his faith, or presumably he would have rushed to send me that mystery paper with evidence I’ve been asking for for 30 months. Yet despite his “scientific analysis” being nothing more than an obedient yes-man for committees and associations, he thinks people who disagree with him are deluded and taking science towards astrology.

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