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Malcolm Turnbull Flashback 2009: Conservatives will be wiped out if skeptics win

This is so apt this weekend.  The Ghost-of-Malcolm-Turnbull-leadership is channeling a message for the Labor Party. Listen carefully to him and do … the opposite.

Turnbull’s uncanny ability to get it 100% wrong

From reporting by Richard Black (BBC)

Friday 27th November 2009

The issue (Climategate) is proving thorny enough to have split the opposition Liberal party, some of whose senators have rebelled against leader Malcolm Turnbull’s pledge to support the measure; and the government is planning to have another go at passing the bill on Monday.

It could even lead to a general election, with Mr Turnbull warning that the party risks annihilation if the rebels hold sway:

“We would be wiped out… the vast majority of Australians want to see action on climate change.”

The Coalition chucked the bill, and chucked the leader, and instead of oblivion, went on to poll 55-60%.

The Labor Party struggled, fought, wheeled and dealed, flat out lied, and got that climate change legislation through, and face… whats the word? Annihilation.

Note to ALP: The other party got itself out of the Carbon Tax mess. You can too. (But not with Rudd-Gillard).



In November 2009 Malcolm Turnbull led the Liberal Party (the conservatives) in Australia but he wanted to pass the Emissions Trading Scheme so badly his leadership died on the sword in the week before Copenhagen started. The Coalition means the Liberals and National Party together.

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