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Getup-poplexy! scared of monckton, mannkal, bolt and jonova: fox australia would be a hit

Thank you GetUp! Australians are finally talking about how they can get more media competition and how we can lift media standards. Read on to see Moncktons reply, and the call for interest
Spot those afraid of free speech.


Gina Rinehart merely buys 13% of  Fairfax, and the GetUp-union-funded-Labor-green fan club rush to start raising funds ($37,000 already), not to compete in the free market for shares, but to run the scariest adverts they can, to whip up fear and interfere with normal corporate board room activity. It’s just the way they do things. What are they so afraid of? They’re afraid the public might hear the other side of news. When you run a propaganda campaign, the worst thing that can happen is a crack in the armour — That people like  Monckton, Bolt, Nova, or the libertarian economists at Mannkal might get a chance to be heard.  Once the truth gets out it can’t be put back in the bag. It spreads.

Wait for it. This is the dark conspiratorial “secret” aim of free market thinkers that they uncovered. Remember some poor hapless soul had to view hours of free market discussion to find this:

“And it seems to me that putting some time into encouraging those we know who are super rich to invest in perhaps even establishing a new satellite TV channel is not an expensive thing, and then get a  few Jo Nova’s and Andrew Bolts to go on and do the commentating every day and keep the news free and fair and balanced, as they do on Fox. That would be a breakthrough, and give to Australia, as it has for America, a proper dose of free market thinking!”

Christopher Monckton, Mannkal Office, 2011

What’s new? GetUp have milked a molehill into a donation-generating-scare. It’s hyperbolic spin, but their big mistake this time is that they are playing with fire. They’re exposing their most irrational fear, drawing attention to the thing they don’t want (media competition), and overplaying their hand. What exactly is so sinister about encouraging people to fund a new satellite channel that provides “free and fair news” in a balanced way? Where is the criminal sin, in “explaining how the free market business works every day” and competing with the other media?

Be very afraid of that deadly free market thinking!

And if Rinehart owning an eighth of Fairfax is “scary”, just think what would happen if Australia had FOX?  Getupoplexy!

When I told Monckton his idea of Fox Australia had gone viral, he shot back a reply that ups the ante (keep reading below). His message: Wake up Australia. Fox news out-rates all the other news services in the US because it provides something the people want and voluntarily choose in droves. It gives them the news from both sides, and then fills a vacuum in political commentary that was begging to be filled. Based on the romping success of Fox in America, Monckton estimates Fox Australia would make about a million dollars a week, and more importantly, the nation would get real debate, better investigative reporting, and eventually better policies.

The only answer to propaganda is free speech.




Advance Australia Fox!

By Christopher Monckton of Brenchley

The frenetic reaction of the dwindling and desperate climate-extremist faction to the news that I am working on putting together a consortium to establish an equivalent of Fox News in Australia and another in the UK is interesting and tells us much. At the invitation of Mannkal, I gave a talk in Perth on the opportunities for restoring political balance to the near-universally hard-Left news media in both countries and for making healthy profits by doing so. Since I gave that talk, the 2010 report and accounts for News Corporation, the owners of Fox, have been published. They confirm my proposed business model in spades.

I’d guess that a Fox News equivalent in Australia would do just as well as in the US, where Fox now has half the nation’s news audience …

The climate extremist Left are visibly, audibly frightened that their poisonous near-monopoly of the news media may be broken in Australia, just as Fox News has so swiftly and profitably broken it in the US. Given the enormous amount of support I get for my talks in Australia, I’d guess that a Fox News equivalent in Australia would do just as well as in the US, where Fox now has half the nation’s news audience, because anyone who isn’t a totalitarian Socialist watches it and all the competition are totalitarian Socialist.

Fox made $700 million last year, up from $500 million the previous year. Yet the advertising market shrunk. How did Fox do so well? The NewsCorp annual report says it is because viewership ratings have grown, and Fox’s advertisement revenue has grown with them.

Scale this for Australia. Population 22.5 million compared with 307 million. Mean GDP $950 bn against $14.5 trillion. GDP per head in Oz is not far short of the US. So Australia’s equivalent of Fox News might make $1 million a week, simply by the old-fashioned method of giving both sides of the story – on climate and on all else – rather than just the Left-hand side.

Fox has rediscovered something the so-called “mainstream” (for “mainstream” read “Marxist”) media have long forgotten. Audiences and advertisers will happily subscribe to news media that actually report what is going on rather than churning out a vapid, malevolent stream of unconsciousness that reflects only a dull, anti-capitalist, anti-Western, anti-democracy viewpoint.

Let me give a vignette that illustrates just how well the public worldwide would respond to a news medium which, like Fox, is fair, balanced, and unafraid to do a straightforward job of reporting.

I went to the UN’s ridiculous climate gabfest in Durban a couple of months ago. The organizers, remembering how I had revealed their attempt to introduce a world “government” in the 15 September 2009 draft of the proposed (and mercifully failed) Copenhagen Treaty, trumped up a bogus excuse to exclude me from the conference, even though I was an accredited delegate. So I parachuted in from 10,000 feet and got my grinning face all over the front pages of the local newspapers. The organizers, arrogant though they are, did not dare try to shut me out after that. When I got into the conference, I tracked down a copy of the “Draft Conclusions by the Chair”, the key negotiating document that was the centrepiece of the discussions.

I went through the document and was so horrified by the sheer lunacy of its contents that I stayed up half the night writing a 2000-word summary of its main provisions. Rights of legal personality, including the right to sue Western countries, were to be granted to “Mother Earth”. These and other rights against Western countries only were to be enforced in a new International Climate Court, which would have the power arbitrarily to order any Western country to pay any sum to the UN. The concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was to be reduced, according to one of the options in the text, to 200 ppmv, which is not much above the point at which trees and plants die. A CO2 concentration that low would drastically reduce the net primary productivity of trees and plants and make them far more vulnerable to extreme weather, leading to greatly reduced crop yields worldwide and mass starvation. And so on and so on.

I posted up the summary at the splendid WattsUpWithThat.com blog. The result: a couple of days later one of Anthony Watts’ colleagues contacted me to say that, of the 500,000 blog postings on all subjects that WordPress had carried worldwide that day, my item that had simply reported the contents of the Durban negotiating document was ranked no. 1 for the number of hits recorded.

The UN panicked. Within 24 hours, the negotiating document was split into two. All the points that I had listed as being manifestly insane were removed and confined to a separate dustbin document of no effect, merely recording that these were the conclusions that the various working parties had come to. The main document, therefore, became half as long and half as silly as the original, though still far too long and far too silly.

Here’s the thing. All the news media of the world were in Durban. The document was freely available to every journalist and every delegate. All one had to do was ask. Yet, as far as I can discover, not a single news medium, anywhere worldwide, had actually taken the trouble to report the main points of the central negotiating document of the conference. Not one.

Previously, the hard-Left media moguls have been able to get away with saying that their audiences wouldn’t be interested in the dry details of international negotiations. However, the internet has taken away their ability to get away with nonsense of this kind. If the worldwide news audience had not been interested, the summary of what was in the negotiating document would not have been no. 1 out of 500,000 blog postings on the day of publication.

It is this enormous gap in the market that Fox News has identified and has brilliantly exploited. In fact, there are two enormous gaps. First, there is the near-universal failure of news reporters to report news at all. When I was Ace Cub Reporter Scoop Monckton, the Man with the Golden Pen, if the Yorkshire Post sent me to report a political speech I reported it as accurately as I could. I did not add any comment of any kind, because proper journalism draws a meticulous and always clear distinction between the news, which the audience has the right to expect will be reported fully, accurately and without any prejudice, and opinion, which should be clearly labelled as such and which may legitimately go in one direction or another.

Fox News has restored this rule. In its news segments, which are 100 times more interesting than those of its rivals, it reports both sides of every question it covers, and gives the facts, facts, facts.

The second gap in the market is the political gap. Half of the US is not Marxist and it does not want the opinion segments in the media to be hard-Left all the way. Here, Fox takes an explicit, declared, one-sided view that is pro-democracy, pro-Western, pro-profit, pro-prosperity, pro-success, pro-freedom, pro-America. And half of all the news audience in the US love it. Interestingly, with characteristic stupidity, Fox’s Marxist rivals have moved still further to the extreme Left, allowing Fox to move in all the more rapidly on their former territory. Fox now makes more money than its two largest rivals combined.

So if anyone who may read this is interested in joining a consortium that can expect to make around $1 million a week in Australia and perhaps three times that in the UK, please feel free to get in touch. Advance Australia Fox!

Christopher Monckton


Want more media competition in Australia?

If you are interested in helping to increase free speech in Australia with time, donations or suggestions contact the good people at Mannkal with the subject header: “New media competition in Australia:

Website www.mannkal.org
  Email [email protected]

See Rafe Campion talk about Hayek at the original “subversive “ Mannkal Event in July 2011.

I’ve had requests this morning to pass on notes of support to Gina Rinehart. I’m sure she would appreciate them. It’s probably best to send them via Hancock Prospecting.

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