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Blast Deniers into space eh?

Frustrated cult members know they can’t explain their faith to the rational. [See Grist]

They bombarded us with glossy brochures, with full feature documentaries, and awarded people on their team with Nobels for nothing. They spend billions of dollars of our government funds and investment monies, and, once upon a time, the full support of the EU, UK, US, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand governments, all the major financial houses of the world, and of course the supertanker of governments – the UN. They had 70% of the Western population convinced and a $144 billion dollar global trading scheme with all the patrons that engenders.

So now that it’s all going to rot and ruin, they have no ammo left. Their arsenal is reduced to namecalling and jokes that reveal the Christmas wish-list of the inner totalitarian.

Those with billions of dollars attack the mostly unpaid volunteers who are beating them. It’s emblematic that in this meeting of the “ruling class” where the joke is funny, the only people not represented in the audience of politicians and businessmen are the taxpaying citizens:

Our biggest problem is to deal with the skepticism and denial of the cult-like lemmings who would take us over the cliff,” said Brown, a Democrat, eliciting cheers and laughter from an audience of roughly 200 policymakers, businessleaders, and activists. “The skeptics and deniers have billions of dollars at their disposal ... But I can tell you we’re going to fight them every step of the way until we get this state on a sustainable path forward.”

More laughter came when Pachauri joked that Branson could give climate deniers tickets on the aviation mogul’s planned flights into outer space. “Perhaps it could be a one-way ticket,” Pachauri said, smiling, “though I’m not sure space deserves them.” [Source: Grist]

The alarmist cult needs to keep that myth alive about the money. Could it be that the only way they can “reason” about the planetary atmosphere is to “follow the money”, even if that money doesn’t exist? (Is monetary influence the only way they can think?) Or is it simply that they deny the facts about climate that are defeating them as they leak out to the public over the Internet, so they pretend they were beaten instead by big money and PR?

Anything to avoid the dreaded “we were wrong”, that all us little people — whom they’ve been calling idiots in every possible way for years — might be right. After all, wasn’t this issue supposed to prove their intellectual superiority once and for all and therefore give them (in their minds) a mandate to govern over us?

Lack of evidence never slowed them down in science, and so it is with their sociopolitical analysis too.

Lets not ponder the logistics of ejecting half the population.

For those that do everything to silence discussion on “climate change”, the projection of their own Tactic Number One is rampant:

“It’s sad that in America you don’t talk about climate change because of Republicans,” said the British Branson…

Schwarzenegger sets them straight on the true democratic way to do this. You don’t have to debate anything. The dumb plebs don’t need to be convinced.

Fresh from a movie set where he’d spent the afternoon “banging a guy’s head into the wall,” Schwarzenegger praised Brown for pioneering California’s pursuit of solar power and energy efficiency during his first term as governor, in the 1970s. “California is 40 percent more energy-efficient than the rest of the United States,” said Schwarzenneger. “I tell people in Washington, you don’t have to have any debates, just follow California’s example and you’ll be 40 percent more efficient. That would be the equivalent of closing 75 percent of all coal-fired power plants, which is like taking 300 million cars off the road.”

Yes, let’s all copy California’s economic plan. The state is doing so “well”!


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