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The Obama Money Plan — Oh dear, the secret is out!

Brilliant. The country-and-western economic thesis. It’ll catch on. So much for those Keynsian doctorates.

Ray Stevens, composer, comedian, singer. 🙂

We’re printing money

Obama Money

Let’s do what the government does, it works for them, it might work for us,
so I forgot my ethics and morals and swallowed my pride
We took out every credit card we could get and took out the maximum debt
we borrowed from friends and family and even took out loans overseas
I borrowed at work and had credit at the store —
until folks just wouldn’t give us credit any more
I said Honey, the next step was clear to me.

We’re making money, Obama money
we’re printing it in the basement just as fast as we can
We’re living the Obama budget plan

We didn’t use the money to reduce the debt, there was a whole lot of things we still wanted to get…

Go buy his latest album: It’s called Spirit of ’76

The man deserves a reward.

h/t Matt Thompson.

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