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The Petition, and flyers and posters for the convoy

In some towns closer to Canberra there will be so many vehicles that the AFP, and local councils have been called in to help. Some convoys are so large that up to five separate ovals and fields are being arranged per town to accommodate all the traffic overnight.

The final petition has been put together. Many thanks to commentors here. I was not involved in writing it, but I did connect together the people who did, and they found the feedback here useful. Thanks 🙂

Download the final petition PDF file.

Final Petition, Convoy to Canberra, Coalition of Industries, 2011

Click to see a larger version.

Poster and Flyers for promotional information

Getting the word out makes all the difference. Don’t wait for the media to wake up. If you think about how much the extra taxes and inept management will cost you, taking action to solve this problem, by putting out a few posters is one of the most cost effective few hours you could spend. Pop in to a petrol station, or caravan park. Thanks for your help. Not only did I whip up a poster, but Michael Darby did too, so you have a choice. Both below 🙂

Mine are only 2 essential pages, plus one optional extra page of details if it’s appropriate and there is space. Here are the first two pages. Below that, the PDF file.

Click for a larger image.

Click for a larger image

These two images are part of a 3 page PDF file for printing.

Download the Poster: 3 page PDF file for printing

Indeed, if you were ever looking for a tour to see this country, this could be your lucky week. Have I got a deal for you. 😉

Michale Darby did a version in full-colour for every convoy. So here’s an alternate poster. There’s one for each rally like this:

Download the PDF of this style of poster (like the one pictured above) and then print off just the page that is appropriate.

Download all posters of each convoy : It’s 5 Mb!

Thanks to Michael Darby.

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