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That Australian sense of humour: not the Tea Party, the G.R.O.G. Party

G.R.O.G. = Get Rid Of Gillard

The GROG Party

H/t:   Just Grounds, Jeff, Craig. Thanks 🙂

Please, will the original artist comment so I can give credit and a link?

UPDATE #1: Could be Alex Werchon on CAN-Do?   4-Mar-2011? (h/t Dave N if so).

UPDATE #2: Andrew Bolt describes the Thomson meltdown as “out of control” — Senior members of the Gillard government are being accused of heavying the Health Services Union for reporting the allegation that  M.P. Thomson misused Union funds to hire prostitutes... “overnight a dirt-covered shovel is left outside the door of HSU secretary Kathy Jackson, who was home alone.” Bolt also notes that the Labor Party connection with union thugs and conmen has some history.

“What we are witnessing is more like scenes from a mafia vendetta, not the processes of a responsible government.”

Andrew Bolt

Have these people no scruples?

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