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Terrified of Monckton! GetUP don’t want anyone to hear him speak

Menzies House are reporting that GetUP are so scared that some Australians might hear Christopher Monckton speak, that they had a campaign to get the Brisbane Broncos football club to break their contract and cancel the “Climate of Freedom” speeches by Monckton in Brisbane.

GetUP are a virtual arm of the Labor Party, being funded by Unions*. They’ve already removed the “idea” where someone boasted they’d axed the Bronco’s deal. (Did anyone save a screen image? Pass it on 🙂 )

They are desperate! They know they have no answer to what Monckton has to say, and that Monckton convinces people everywhere he goes, so their only option is smears, slurs and banning him. GetUP have become ShutUP.

We don’t ask to silence them. We know if people hear both sides of the story they’ll make up their own minds, and we look forward to that happening.

Their plan will backfire, and could prove a media bonanza for us. Right now, scores of people are phoning the club to express their disappointment that the Broncos turned out to be spineless puppies, obeying their masters, caving in to “pressure” and not standing up for Australians.

We can take some easy actions.

If you have just a spare minute, consider making a phone call:

a) The Broncos Leagues Club Venue Feedback Ph: (07) 3858 9003

b) Ask for the General Manager Geoff Kuehner  Ph: (07) 3858 9000

c) Board member Jim (James) Petersen 0407 739 677  [email protected]

Then follow up the phone call with an e-mail to [email protected]. Let them know that the GetUp! paid extremists do not represent Australia! (UPDATE: Apparently Their main server is down due to the complaints and so this last email is possibly the best.)

But it should not stop there. Call talkback radio, write a letter to the editor – help us do something to show that this stifling of free speech cannot be tolerated.

Menzies House adds:

I just discovered…  the Patron of The Club? Kevin Rudd. Their # 1 Ticket Holder? Queensland Treasurer, Andrew Fraser.

No wonder they sold out.

So it’s possible that there were other more influential elements than GetUp involved? Perhaps the brazen GetUP boast was just another bluff…?


My last post on GetUP. GetUp — got hate and monkey jokes, but missed the science…

* They were caught hiding the $1.2 million donation from the CFMEU during the election campaign, which makes them a form of disguised Labor Party activist group.


UPDATE: Censoring skeptics is a repeat strategy of the GetUP-warmaholic’s-brain.

Geoffrey writes that if you search for Monckton on their site you get this:

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    Stopping Monckton from speaking at Notre Dame University

    In 2010, Prof John Abraham put up a presentation highly critical of Monckton‘s science on the University of St Thomas web site. Since then, Monckton has been running a nasty campaign to have the presentation removed. He has demaded the payment of $100,000 to a Monckton nominated charity. …

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    Stop Christopher Monckton Climate Denial Australia Tour July 2011

    Climate skeptic, Christopher Monckton, is coming to Australia in July. Greens leader Bob Brown called on Mr Abbott to withdraw from the mining conference that Monckton will be at.
    Christopher Monckton is a British consultant, policy adviser, writer, columnist, and hereditary peer. While not formally …

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    The climate sceptics are raising money to bring Lord Monckton out to speak against the Carbon Tax

    Let’s plan early to undermine this prince of bullshit and his Aussie acolytes!

  4. 3 votes

    lets Block lord moncktons campains, Oh we have THE BRONCOS (Update – now deleted out of embarrassment –JN).


Stop Gillards Carbon Tax has the whole sordid tale of the booking, the deal and the last minute breaking of a contract.

Obviously people need to look for other venues for future functions and weddings and conferences. Who could trust a club like that?

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