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Monckton: The Climate of Freedom — Hancock Lecture — Background Notes

Monckton Climate Science Freedom Hancock Lecture Background Notes Cover

Background notes to the Lang Hancock Memorial Lecture by Christopher Monckton (70 pages)

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Death by consensus p 2

Can we trust the consensus? p 4

Concessions to consensus p14

Can we reliably predict long-term future climate states? p 15

Is the rate of global warming itself accelerating? p 24

Did we cause more than half the global warming since 1950?  p 27

How much ‘dangerous’ global warming are we likely to cause by 2100?  p 31

Is mitigation by controlling carbon dioxide emissions cost-effective? p 50

What about freedom and democracy? p 61

Save our lords the poor and the sick now or save the planet later? p 63

References p 66


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