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Skeptics rule online polls

Either there are a lot more skeptics than believers, or the skeptics are more likely to be on the net.

Some polls you may want to take part in (which are registering around 3 out 4 votes for skeptics).

The Greens are running scared.

The Herald: Do you support a carbon tax?

813 votes and 71% say NO.

The Greens: Do you support the Greens’ plan on emissions trading?

Nearly 2000 votes, and 80% say NO.

SkyNews: Do you support a price on carbon?

Unknown number of votes and 87% say NO.

UPDATE: And they are running scared.

The Greens poll has been up for around 2 weeks, and I linked to it today, and within hours it’s gone (h/t cohenite, alan and andy). I’ve got the screenshot.

Keith points out that NINE MSN is running a poll “Should an election be called before a carbon tax is introduced?” (See the thin line strip with a question below the main news photo).

YES 105,454 NO 25,043 (81% say YES)

h/t Keith and all the other good people who helped. Sorry I wish I could find the original emails!

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