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Climate model finally produces meaningful results

Thanks to the nocarbontax website.

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In a shock result, a new climate model produced results that make sense. The new CCFAFM* model shows that future projected temperatures are closely tied to financial and political forcings. Unlike other climate models, the awkwardly titled CCFAFM was not coupled with oceanic or terrestrial carbon cycle simulations, but with money and politics. The model studied the flow of finance and found a quasi-linear relationship with Climate-Fear.

The NCT team concludes:

…the unbalanced outward radiation of taxpayer money, will very likely cause dangerous cooling of family finances.

We homogenized, adjusted and used liberally unprincipled component method**, too sophisticated for non-climate scientists to understand, and produced a new set of hockey sticks, giving a very robust prediction (>90% likelihood) that we are all being totally screwed (right).

A solution to the climate-financial cycle is apparent from the model

Currently information flow is unidirectional from the UN and governments to the population, so if the flow in information is reversed,  potentially, tax funds will return to the people.

Similarly, funds paid to climate skeptics may reverse the financial outgoing longwave radiation.

A large uncontrolled, non-crossover, unhomogenized study is currently underway across the Western World. If you’d like to take part in the study, please email a politician, or bureaucrat^.

[Or donate to your favorite skeptic (;-)]


**For further information, contact Michael C at NCT. In his words: “Anyone wanting my raw data….ha ha – only when CRU releases theirs.”

^What to send? Try this. If you are in Australia — to these people.

H/t: M Cejnar.

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