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Monckton returns to Australia: help needed

David Evans and I are honoured to have been asked to tour with Christopher Monckton and Ross McKitrick. July (and the Green controlled Australian Senate) is not far off, and there is much to do to make the tour happen, but details are coming together quickly. Where there is a will…

Thanks to The Climate Sceptics and Leon Ashby for their tireless work behind the scenes  —  Jo


From Leon Ashby

Dear Reader,

Please find attached a poster inviting you to help bring a very important tour to Australia in July.

A small group of volunteers wish to bring Christopher Monckton and several other speakers around Australia for an important tour to explain the science and politics of a carbon tax. We believe it will complement the “No Carbon Tax Protests” happening.

The reason for the extra speakers is to cover all angles of the debate. We want to do it as well as we can with this tour. Despite some large venue costs and a modest admission fee, we believe the tour will pay for itself, but being responsible, we need to have approx $100,000 in either donations, loans or guaranteed funds before we begin booking things up.

Currently we have about $30,000 promised in the bank. This is a great start and we certainly thank everyone who has helped with a donation or loan or a guarantee so far.

If you can assist us in some way that will be fantastic. You can either direct deposit into this account or Post a cheque to Climate Sceptics: PO box 721, Mt Gambier SA 5290

Westpac Bank – Monckton Tour Account
Bank BSB: 035612
Account: 253068
swift code: wpacau2s

PS: We will need to find the funds in about the next 10 days to then be able to organize the tour properly Looking forward to your assistance if you can help.

Yours Sincerely,

Leon Ashby

For more details of the proposed tour see the Monckton Tour PDF.


Professor McKitrick
is one of the world’s leading economists. McKitrick specialises in the economics and science of global warming. In 2010 he co-authored a seminal paper refuting one of the principal aspects of global warming.

[PS: To find out more about just how important McKitricks work is read my post from Aug 2010:

The models are wrong (but only by 400%) ]


Leon Ashby 0435423636
Dr David Stockwell 0417043732
Anthony Cox 0412474916
Dr Michael Cejnar 0417662206
Andy Semple 0412696135


Yes there will be prepaid tickets this time and that will guarantee you a seat. Last time people flew or drove hundreds of kilometers, and some people were turned away at the door at many venues.

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