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The ABC notices the anti-carbon tax rage

Lateline reports on the rising anger among Australians on the carbon tax issue. Though as usual, it does’t actually spend a lot of time talking to the people who understand what drives this movement. Instead the reporter, John Stewart,  tries to link it to the Tea Party (but only because presumably he thinks that’s a bad thing, and bear in mind, many people downunder don’t know anything about the Tea Party either). The editor makes sure to throw in Tea party file footage of heated anti-communist remarks  — rather than any of the tea party’s carefully considered party platforms. We wouldn’t want to accidentally offer some insight there now would we?

Lateline then tries to suggest the new anti carbon tax movement could be a Liberal Party* front – but that ends up looking rather half hearted when they run out of any substantial connection.

Then they manage to allow someone to throw in the biggest ad hom they can find — wait for it — these protesters are linked (how vague is that) to … skeptical bloggers. And yours truly got a nanosecond of fame with a blog header on the screen (the ABC noticed us:-)). These devious nasty bloggers of course deny the basic science… –that’s the “science” according to one political online activist anyway.

JOHN STEWART: Most of the websites promoting the anti-carbon tax rally in Canberra also contain links to climate change sceptics. There are sceptics T-shirts and caps for sale.

The online activist group GetUp is planning to stage counter-demonstrations.

SIMON SHEIKH, GETUP NATIONAL DIRECTOR: What they’re calling for is driven by climate denialism. They do not believe in the basic science of global warming. They’re anti-progress. But if you look on their websites, they’re also anti-Islam, they’re anti-refugees. These are people who fundamentally don’t support Australia moving forward.

To get a skeptics T-shirt (as mentioned above) visit The Climate Skeptics Shop. I’ll tell you more about this shop soon, but let’s just say I know the business owner — a fellow pro bono skeptic in arms — he’s not doing this for profit, but because he wanted a classy way for skeptics to identify themselves. Any profits will be used to help skeptics like myself keep running. (Thanks).

Lateline ABC program: Conservative uprising targets carbon tax

At the end of the day, the ABC coverage is helpful, but what specifically did viewers learn about what is driving the anti carbon tax rallies? Err… We found out it’s being linked to the Liberals, but they are not driving it, and that left leaning commentators who don’t understand the tea party think the two movements have something in common. (They do, but only that they’re both driven by  grass roots anger at the political class of rulers who have pushed voters too far.) We also found out that the opposing political group (Get Up) can always front someone to say ad hominem attacks that the ABC will dutifully repeat, on air, with no substantiation, or right of reply.

That’s because the ABC “thinks” (I’m being generous) that ad homs are the way to understand the climate.

*Liberal Party in Australia, perversely, is  a conservative party. It’s wierd I know.

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