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While the Cat is away-Version 2


CAT (away) + Mice = PLAY

is away from the computer for some fun and relaxation with her family.

Jo being “off-line” leaves the controls of this blog in the hands of volunteer moderators. 🙂

This time while the Cat is away:

Many regular posters here use web links to make their point(s). If those links could be found easily, others could use them both here at JoNova and also if we blog elsewhere.

We’d like to ask people to post their favorite links to web sites, papers, graphs, charts, data and articles that you refer to regularly when blogging. The idea is to create a collection of helpful reference material that hopefully will become an ongoing project.

Please type at least a few words explaining what your link is about and why you use it. Post as many different links as you like and don’t worry about duplicating a link someone else posted. If you know that an image you link to is free from copyright issues please note that as well. We moderators may go back and embed the image so that it appears here instead of having only a link.

Feel free to discuss any link posted but lets try not obscure the purpose which is to gather reference material. Don’t forget to use the “thumbs” up or down to vote on the usefulness of a particular link.

Links to papers that are behind pay walls won’t help much. Try to find the whole document if possible.

Links to humorous media like cartoons or U-tube are OK too.

*Troll-ing will be severely limited in this thread and off-topic or non-conforming posts will be pruned.

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