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Merry Christmas

The immovable wall met the inflexible mind this week. The bitterly cold weather brought out some spectacular cases of cognitive dissonance. The Greg Graven’s who were overcome with passion, and the Monboit’s who were overcome with the complete “suspension of disbelief” whilst hunting for ways to rationalize their faith in a theory. Too warm? Too cold? It doesn’t matter, what ever it is, it matches a model somewhere, somehow, post hoc, ad hoc, hoc post, whatever…

Craven tried to explain himself on Judith Curry’s site and it only got worse.

I’m betting we’ll see more of those implosions in 2011.

Thanks to all of those who helped me this year — with advice, information, tips, and chocolate. Thanks to the unsung moderators too. 🙂

Apologies for all the times I forgot to say thanks to the right person for tips — a few weeks ago my intray seriously did reach 21,000 messages and the magic 4G mark, whereupon my email functionality collapsed, the computer crashed, and then I learnt the importance of something called “compacting”. I would like to thank people more often, and am conscious that I didn’t always get it right.

I’ll be taking a few days off and posting less often over January. I wish I could keep up this pace, but there are other commitments at hand. Please add your name to the email list (see the “register for emails link” top right)  if you want me to notify you of new posts.

If you are searching for a fix in the meantime, can I recommend one of my favourite posts?

Sincerely, with best wishes.


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