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Another Minnesotans for Global Warming parody…

The Minnesotans for Global Warming have produced I’m a denier to the Monkey’s song I’m a believer...

It’s not the way I would have made it, but it’s funny.

I fight the use of the term, but these guys coopt it. It’s the opposite approach but it also chips away at the power of the namecalling bullies.

“Then I checked the facts, now I’m a denier

we can all relax, the plan is just fine

it was all a hoax

I’m a denier, the worlds not on fire

it’s just a lie

It turns out Global Warming was just a ponzi scheme…”

Their comment on their site: “I think this song may be our “Tour de Farce”
And it’s neat how they got Michael Mann to play drums.

Thanks to Mike B 🙂

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