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Dirty tactics? Fences cut at the Thompsons…

Posted By Joanne Nova On October 6, 2010 @ 1:41 am In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

The wires are obviously deliberately cut.

1. Dirty Tactics |  2. FarmOnline Media |  3. Mini-update

Yesterday Matt and Janet were horrified to find that someone had cut the wires on the perimeter fence. There was no evidence anyone had taken anything, nor do we know who did it.  An unrelated random crime, or, who knows — someone hoping to spook and intimidate them? (A future purchaser of a fire-sale bargain farm?)

Farm Online Reports on The Thompsons

Please visit one of the few media outlets to write about the Thompsons and let them know how important this story is.

Farm weekly: Recievers Move in To Narrogin Feedlot

This is WA’s biggest rural newspaper, in the Rural Press stable that has newpapers in every state in Australia.

If you go to the link above & read the article in full, you will see that you can add comments.

Thanks Dale Stiller and John from CA.

Not so nice. What were they aiming at?

Mini Update:

I asked Janet for a note today as to where things are at. She replied:

Click for larger copies of all these photos.

We’re working on legal action to be taken in the Federal High Court that we are hopeful will allow us to maintain control of our own precedent-setting case against the State of Western Australia and the Department of Environment and Conservation.

We’ve already lost Lindley Boseley and we seem to have lost our lives savings and our ability to repay good suppliers. But if we can at least regain control of our own case against DEC, which we’ve been working on for many long months now, we might be able to make a difference. If we can use our horrendous story to bring this monster of bureaucracy back into line, we must. This is where 100% of our efforts are directed at the moment.

Peter Spencer (of Tower of Hope fame) surprised us by flying to Perth and coming to the feedlot last Wednesday. Peter was invaluable to us while here. He provided moral support just when we needed it most, he gave us advice on legal and constitutional matters, and he even played with our kids and swept the floor. His presence was timely and well-placed

We cannot tell you all how much it means to us to have your notes of encouragement (know that we read everything, even if we cannot reply due to time constraints), your donations to our children, and your commitment to help right some wrongs…


Having spoken to her on the phone, yes, the deliberate vandalism or invasion of her property did disturb her. Who wouldn’t be…


Peter Spencer writes about this on SOS News.

h/t to Bulldust. Ta!

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