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I’m speaking on GlobalCooling Radio Saturday morning (US time)

Get all the information on his main Global Cooling Radio Page

The clocks above are central daylight savings time USA, so you can figure out what the time will be in your own zone. The interview starts at 10am (and a copy will be available on the site later). You  can send in questions to Mark, or phone in 646-727-3170 and ask a question. Mark and I had an animated conversation a month ago, I can’t exactly remember where it took us, but it flowed quickly…and covered unfamiliar ground. Suggest some questions or topics here. What is on your mind…

How will the unravelling paradigm pan out?

What are the key things Skeptics need to focus on…

How do skeptics compete with billions of dollars / entire UN agencies /government departments & journalists who think they are PR agents or worse, policy makers?

Why do so many people follow “authority” with an unholy conviction?

I don’t claim to have all the answers here… I’m just thinking out loud.

UPDATE: A copy of the interview is here http://www.blogtalkradio.com/markgillar.rss or this one http://johnlsayers.com/mp3/Jo.mp3 (thanks John).

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