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Skeptics Handbook permeates Copenhagen

Part II of Climate Change Gone Dutch. This is one of the best advertisements I’ve seen yet for The Skeptics Handbook. Seeing footage like this gives me a warm glow. Thanks atomkerman. Priceless!

It’s 5 minutes and the fun starts at 2:00 mins. (Cue ominous soundtrack). Introducing… the dreaded skeptic — a faceless trench coated “mafia” man who surreptitiously leaves a copy of The Skeptics Handbook on the table for …  (gasp)… anyone to read. How dangerous. Friends of the baseless theory do what they always do, try to hide the graphs from public view. But the insidious copies are out there… people are reading them… the clock ticks.

Is the author of this a skeptic or a believer? I thought “pro-AGW”, but I’m not so sure… if you wanted to mock the amount of money and the carnivale of the bureaucrats, the opener above and Part I show just what an epic festival of gloriously squandered finance, Copenhagen 2009 was. Giant stadiums, huge video screens, throngs of people, and UNEP has the funds (from you) to hand-paint trains. Green activists hire entertainers to harangue people into taking short showers while the officials fly on collective holidays with grandiose dinners and events that massage their identities and sell them “soul-support” to assuage their guilt. How much fun can you have while kidding yourself that you are “helping the planet” and “protecting the poor” (and rolling about in giant fun-park balls). Check out the “Climate Confessional” five minutes into Climate Change Gone Dutch Part I.  We have blasphemed…

This video made my day 🙂

Hat tip to Anthony Watts. I would never have noticed this video otherwise.

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