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Yet again,  we have a situation where the data doesn’t match the full-gloss coloured graphs produced by the PR agency for global warming called the IPCC.

Frank Lansner and Nicolai Skjoldby have started a new blog Hide The Decline, and posted that Scandinavian data shows clearly that temperatures got markedly cooler from 1950-1970, before they began rising again, and even after the warming, they only appear to be back where they were. But, all the IPCC graphs minimize the cooling. It would be reasonable to conclude from the data that the temperature today in Scandinavia is roughly similar to that of the 1930’s. But, you’d never know this from looking at the IPCC graphs.

Scandinavian Temperatures

Scandinavian Temperatures: 25 data series combined from The Nordklim database (left), compared to the IPCC's temperature graph for the area.

The IPCC needs to come forward and explain why its graphs are so different.

There is no “hockey stick warming” here. There is no unprecedented heat, and there is no good correlation with the rise of carbon dioxide either. Sure, this is just one region, not the globe, but this is yet another example of how the IPCC has not presented an honest assessment of the information.

Corroborating this information, sea surface temperatures around Scandinavia don’t show any rise. Indeed, the water appears to be cooler than it was 60-80 years ago. Where could that heat be hiding?

Sea Surface Temperatures Scandinavian Islands

Sea Surface Temperatures around Scandinavia (Data from SMHI)

There’s more info at the source.

Plus there’s an encyclopedia of climate information

Frank has done a great job assembling and making an encyclopedia of graphs and information. There’s an A – Z panel. It’s a fine source I recommend. And don’t forget, if you need to insert a graph into the comments, you can do so using the “img” button. Graphs do help to lift the quality of comments, but they will slow the page loading, so please use them wisely.

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