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Trump wins: Russiagate becomes the weapon of mass destruction for Mass Media’s reputation

Trump is vindicated. The real substance of Russiagate is what it says about the media

Dragged out for two years of hate, denigration and abuse in the media, in the end the Muller inquiry found no collusion. How many journalists predicted this. How many even wrote as though it was possible? Credit to Matt Taibbi for the scathing WMD comparison.

Mueller report into collusion a stunning victory for Donald Trump, by Cameron Stewart, The Australian.

The summary of the Mueller report issued today by Attorney General William Barr clears the president and his aides of any collusion with Russia and says there is no legal case to support obstruction of justice charges against him. …

It is a devastating defeat for the Democrats and for much of the US media who had hoped, prayed and frankly expected that Mueller would somehow find a silver bullet to end or at least cripple Trump’s presidency.

Matt Taibbi on Russiagate: ‘Death Blow for the Reputation of the American News Media’

It’s official: Russiagate is this generation’s WMD

Nothing Trump is accused of from now on by the press will be believed by huge chunks of [...]

The People Versus the Deep State: FBI working as a wing of the Democrats

Everyone is talking about The Nunes memo, possibly because the bigger implications of what it reveals — something like an attempted coup. Explosive. Corruption at the highest level.

Big Claims:

Bigger than Watergate. Tip of the Iceberg. More Memos to come.

This thread covers the most interesting things I’ve read. First up, some very provocative talk. Further down, elected Reps. speaking I presume in careful legally vetted words. Lastly, some Democrat replies.  In the middle, a diversion about the role of the media — also a part of the Deep State. h/t David. Roger. Scott of the Pacific. Charles. Pat. RAH. others… Thanks.

THE RIGHT’S SPIN: Watergate X1000: What The MSM Is Hoping you Ignore About the FISA Memo,

by Lucian Wintrich:

With the release of the memo, we finally have proof that … the Clinton machine, powered by the Obama Administration, using the DNC as its main appendage, funded the creation of a false dossier, that they simultaneously leaked to the press and sold to the FBI, and then pressured top government employees to turn that into a FISA warrant, and more broadly into what the MSM refers to as the “Russia Investigation”.

Hillary Clinton, her [...]

Trump landmark Davos speech “unleashes hell” on vampire squid, crony, self serving globalists

Trump — speaking Truth to power. Creating 2.4million jobs. The networking parasites will hate it.

The full text of his speech at Davos.

UPDATE: Worth watching. He is quite the statesman. He could have used the economic success to laud himself, to scorn those who mocked him, but instead he is saying — This is what we’re doing. It’s working brilliantly. You can do it too. He’s talking about how tax cuts and lower regulation have created a flood of investment to the US.  In the audience are a group of people who may well mock him, but they are quietly thinking, “how do we catch up”. Trump has created a race, and all the investment that flows into the US is coming from all the nations sitting in the audience.

h/t Martin Clarke

James Delingpole marks the Trump appearance as historic, inspirational:

Apocalypse Trump Is Unleashed on Davos We knew something apocalyptic was coming in Davos today. Those tactically released photographs of President Trump arriving by helicopter with his entourage were the giveaway: the silhouetted choppers strung out in extended line in the orange-yellow light above the mountains.

Why, if you’d listened carefully, you might almost have [...]

Kelloggs sells Social Justice Cereal, calls half the population names and posts $53m loss

The new marketing move by Kelloggs to insult half its customers doesn’t seem to be working out too well. Last year Kelloggs jumped into politics by loudly cancelling advertising on Breitbart saying the new media outlet didn’t fit their values. It was an attempt to punish the big winner in the new media for reporting politically incorrect news. Breitbart responded with the DumpKelloggs petition, and 436,000 people pledged never to buy Kelloggs again.

The company has now reported a $53 million dollar loss in the fourth quarter. It’s shutting down 39 distribution centres, potentially sacking 1,100 workers. Kelloggs share prices are back to where they were a year ago, but Kraft-Heinz is up 31%, and Post is up by 37%. Hey, but it could be a coincidence.

To get some idea of the depth of the goodwill crater left by the Kelloggs political bomb, check out Chiefio’s Bye Bye Kelloggs flaming rant last December. He won’t give a trigger warning, but tells people who need one to “get out now”. I’ve picked a tamer paragraph:

 Dear Kellogg’s:

We, the Average Joe and Average Jane have put up with this Protest Shit to the absolute limit, and [...]

In brave PR move Kelloggs cancels Breitbart advertising and calls millions of its own customers “bigots”

It’s a novel marketing ploy to reach all the people who buy their breakfast cereals according to where they don’t advertise. It’s bound to appeal to at least three or four people, but at the risk of offending half the population.

I suspect that not too many kids plague mom and dad to buy Fruit Loops because it doesn’t support the evil Breitbart news outlet. (That’s the same one whose leading editor was so disconnected from the cereal-buying-masses that he backed the winning candidate for leader of the free world, and got a job as his right hand man. A media group on “the fringe”, eh?)

Politics is the new religion. What else explains this this latest marketing disaster, which will appeal to all the people who buy Wheeties because it’s a Democrat cereal. Investors are running. Kelloggs stocks dropped another 1.4% today.

It started when Kelloggs announced it wouldn’t advertise on Breitbart because of “values”:

Kellogg on Tuesday said it would pull its ads from Breitbart News after consumers notified the manufacturer that its products were appearing on the site. A company spokesperson told the Associated Press, “We regularly work with our media buying partners to ensure our [...]

Trump has broken the mainstream media — a president so powerful he tells them off to their faces

A week ago, the grip of the old-school media elite was busted, but few seemed to have noticed this remarkable shift.

The top dogs in the media came to him expecting to discuss their access to him, instead he blasted them as deceitful, dishonest liars who should be ashamed.

Over the last forty years the mainstream media have degenerated into naked, unashamed political advocacy, yet conservative leaders still felt they had to pander for fear that they would get an even worse treatment if they called it for what it was. Not Donald Trump. Has there ever been a more powerful US president? They called him every name under the sun, and he took the insults and used them to win.

What other US president didn’t need to pander or even be polite to media royalty? Only a billionaire who got elected despite the old media could afford to blow them away. For the first time in US history, the top gatekeepers of the national discussion were named and shamed…  The Kings and Queens of the media finally overplayed their hand to the point where the people elected someone so powerful, so rich, and so independent that he has no [...]

Major win: NASA was neutered, turned into political PR machine, and Trump is going to fix that

Trump is going to slash funds for NASA’s politicized climate program

In the last 20 years NASA has been turned from a space agency to one that ignores satellite data in favour of doing statistical tricks with badly placed ground thermometers and relies on Russia to do things in space.

Former NASA stars have been protesting for year at the dismal standards in NASA climate research. The same guys who walked on the moon, worked on the Apollo missions, and ran the shuttle program were fed up with NASA’s excellent brand name being exploited by junk scientists to do political promotions. Under Obama NASA was told to do three things — inspire kids, help international relationships and help Muslim nations “feel good”. So much for space exploration and science.

Obama slashed former President George W. Bush’s Constellation program, designed to take humans back to the moon and eventually to Mars, by leaking information to the press and threatening to veto the projects. NASA astronauts now rely on Russia to reach space, and NASA has been forced by the Obama administration to delay the Mars mission until 2030.

Apollo 11 Launch. Photo. 1969.

That’s about to change:

Today the guy who Trump [...]

And you thought the US election was over

Who’s in denial now?

Unhappy democrats have started a Twitter campaign and petition to change the election result on December 19th by convincing Republicans in the electoral college to vote for Hillary instead. I think the plan is to riot, throw a hissy fit, and hope everyone “comes to their senses”. Things are not just crazy in the US, in Australia, the media coverage of the US election has been so politically purified that five and six year old’s at a daycare centre were caught chanting death threats about Donald Trump and the after-school club has decided to do “art therapy” to help them cope.

Hillary Clinton was horrified that Donald Trump might not accept the election result. Now that her fans are rioting in the streets many people look forward to her telling them how much they are “denigrating democracy“.  Right now there are really only two people who could stop most of the violence if they made an impassioned public plea for their fans to respect the democratic process, and rule of law. Where are their responses?


The popular vote was so popular it seems 3 million people from other countries voted too

The main [...]

Trump Victory: The Beginning of the End of Global Climate Scare

It doesn’t get better than this. Trump is one hundred percent skeptic, no pandering.

Say goodbye to the fantasy that CO2 controls the planets thermostat.

Click to enlarge. See PDF for page 2.

Finally, a leader says No to refueling the Global Green Gravy Train. It will still take years to slow and unpack, because it is a pagan religion and a 1.5 Trillion Dollar industrial freight machine. But yesterday the gargantuan train split at a junction and the people stuck on Big-Green roller will be able to watch the other train take off as it dumps the dead-weight carbon truck with square wheels.

As Marc Morano says: “Trump is right on climate science and Trump rightly scares the hell out of the warmists.”

No wonder they are in tears. The two main weapons of carbon-believers are the free money from government treasure chests, and coercion through namecalling. Trump has control of the biggest treasure chest in the world and isn’t afraid of being called names.

Trump named Myron Ebell as his new “EPA Dismantler”.

“Ebell, the director of the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and a prominent climate-change skeptic, was [...]

US Election results — The US Brexit unfolding. “Trump Triumphs” in NY Times

Bigger than Brexit: This is a win for workers and the middle class.

It’s a major loss for the old media and political correctness.  Corruption finally gets pegged back.

Trump beat both political parties, almost every government organisation, Wall Street, and media outlets. — Jo

UPDATE: Listening to the ABC, commentators are talking about the fear of a Trump victory. But the only people who ought to be afraid are the corrupt, the freeloaders and the illegal immigrants.  People phoning in were talking about the grassroots movement of those who are fed up with the establishment. The ABC academic, given the last word, replied that this wasn’t a real grassroots movement –”that narrative is false” — because “political parties have been trying to seed doubts about institutions for years”. Sure thing. Which political party supported Trump?

The Trump victory is a win for democracy. This is as grassroots as it gets. Without the internet and a passionate crowd of people on the street how could Trump have defeated the non-stop demonization from the media?


Trump Wins

The Victory Speech

Mike Pence Introduction

The speech:

(Live streaming) Watch  (maybe) here or here or here.


6.30pm AEST NY [...]

Trump would drain the climate-swamp

Big bankers are helping to save the poor from nasty storms. Sure…

In the climate debate, not much is bigger than this US election. If Clinton wins, it’s more of the same tax-funded gravy train supporting a trillion dollar industry that aims to change the weather and hold back the tide in a hundred years with special electrons from windmills and solar panels. Historians will giggle and mock us for falling into the grip of the pagan religion that sapped so much of our productive blood, sweat and tears.

Trump is promising to turn off that tap, though this “nuclear-wipe-out-option”  (which is common sense) is barely even noticed about the furious noise of this election. Clinton wont mention it because she knows most voters would like the climate swamp drained too. But the effect could mark the beginning of the end for this particular shade of taxpayer-parasite. The effect on the EU voters of watching Trump pull back and demolish the industry would be electric and infectious as industry, money and jobs fled the EU to the US. Even if Trump doesn’t win, he’s changed politics and made it so much easier for other candidates to stand up and [...]

Did a revolt within the NYPD force the FBI’s hand on the Clinton email saga?

UPDATE: In a feat of public service the FBI conclusively reviewed 650,000 emails in 9 days and clears Clinton, and say they repeat their July determination which found that she was “extremely careless” with  “highly classified information” and will not be charged. The Clinton’s made $57 million while Hillary was Secretary of State. Over half the people who met with Clinton paid money to the Clinton Foundation as well which has received over $2 billion in donations in total. Despite these obvious possible conflicts of interest, she used insecure private computers to email foreign leaders and companies that she arranged deals with on behalf of the USA, then destroyed 33,000 emails with Bleachbit after they were subpoenaed. The FBI is not confident there was intent to obstruct justice.


The completely unconfirmed but very interesting scuttlebutt is that the emails are staggeringly incriminating and the FBI re-investigation is being driven by whistleblowers within the US — specifically at the NYPD.

As I said before, books will be written about this week. Great movie plot.

Here’s a man speaking below called  Steve Pieczenik, who talks of a coup and a counter coup going on in the [...]

Trump closing the deal: “The only thing that can stop this corrupt force is you — the American people”

A brilliant, polished, excellent advert — cuts like a sabre to the only point that matters.

h/t to the great Scott Adams, who says:

1. Trump delivers his lines perfectly, like an experienced actor. We haven’t heard him like this before. You probably didn’t think he had this in him. He stays calm and assured, but not cocky. That is an effective counter-framing to Clinton’s framing of Trump as an unpredictable madman. Here Trump comes off as perfectly reasonable and deeply empathetic.

2. The timing is perfect. This race went so low that even the trolls were starting to gasp for oxygen. Trump made us wait for relief – Hollywood style. He made us crave civility and sanity. And just when we thought it was out of reach, he goes ultra-positive.

But here’s the best part. Clinton has no good options to counter this message.

Countering that, Wikileaks founder Julian Assange says Trump won’t be allowed to win:

My analysis is that Trump would not be permitted to win. Why do I say that? Because he has had every establishment off his side. Trump does not have one establishment, maybe with [...]

US Election: Avalance of corruption found against Clinton

 As I said, “It’s the Corruption, Stupid“.  The US election is far beyond policy disputes. Do the people care if their leaders make personal profits by selling out the nation? As Linda Tripp says: “That this is not chilling to much of the nation is the most chilling of all.”

We are in danger of being swamped in the details and emails: too much to process, when so many sub-parts would be election-changing on their own.

“FBI Clinton Foundation probe finds ‘avalanche’ of corruption evidence against her – but agents fear Justice Department will stop her going on trial” Clintons are accused of running a pay-for-play operation out of State that favored donors to their charity – a charge they have denied Feds are ‘actively and aggressively pursuing’ a case, Fox’s Brit Hume said Wednesday, and they have an ‘avalanche’ of evidence FBI’s pursuit of the case is rooted in recordings of a suspect in a different corruption case who spoke about foundation’s alleged dirty dealings The FBI, under the leadership of director James Comey, believed those conversations were enough to move forward with the probe Justice Department prosecutors disagreed because the source was not an employee of the Clinton Foundation [...]

Watergate II?. National Review calls Clinton’s State Department “Racketeering”.

Ten days to go, thousands of emails to read. The FBI say they “don’t know what they have”.

We do know that they have a monster-load of emails of Hillary’s right hand woman, vice chair of Clinton’s 2016 campaign and the FBI think they can’t afford not to let the world know. For those who don’t know who Huma Abedin is: Vanity Fair pretty much describes her as the “key glue” for Hillary, around her all the time, the inner-inner circle:

… along with Chelsea, Abedin is “the third rail” of the Clinton political world.

 Bob Barnett, the lawyer who brokered the Clintons’ multi-million-dollar book deals, says Huma is “now one of the key glues that holds Clintonworld together…. She knows everyone and everyone knows her.

For those wondering why the FBI would make this “blockbuster” announcement now, read the National Review to get an idea of the potential.  (Noting that the FBI have released almost no details on what they have found):

Clinton’s State Department: A RICO Enterprise

Mrs. Clinton appears to have converted the office of secretary of state into a racketeering enterprise.

Andrew C. McCarthy

She appears to have used her [...]