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My new goal is to get suspended on twitter (UPDATE @tan123 is back!)

UPDATE April 4th: Tom Nelson’s account was unsuspended today. Success!

What fantastic publicity. Twitter suspended Steven Goddard’s account last week, then reinstated it after getting inundated with complaints. Now Tom Nelson’s twitter account is gone, also “suspended”, because he used the word “crap” in response to Gavin Schmidt using the word “crap”.

Those two accounts that have made the all new celebrity Twitmo Hall of Fame:

@SteveSGoddard     and     @tan123.

The word is that trolls abuse the “report abuse” link to get skeptics silenced. We note Michael Mann recommends blocking and reporting. What else can you do when you don’t have an answer?

So let’s show them that silencing voices doesn’t work.  Follow @SteveSGoddard to show that trying to silence people only makes them stronger. To get Tom Nelson reinstated, send your thoughts on this to @Support.

WattsUp calls it abusive censorship.  ✔ @MarkSteynOnline wants to know why @twitter “suspended” another climate dissident, Tom Nelson @tan123.  See also  @iowahawkblog.

Useful hashtags to watch and join in on are #BigClimateEnforcers and #twitterthoughtpolice.


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UPDATE: Do you hate twitter? Is it a land you never [...]