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Weekend Unthreaded

Sunset, Perth Hills

Unthreaded Weekend

Kalbarri, Western Australia, about 600km North of Perth….(Click to enlarge)

The colors are glorious in the land of iron oxide.

Though I pitied any poor shipwrecked soul staggering ashore here at the wrong time of year. How forbidding, dry and vast that landscape.

Weekend Unthreaded

Port Denison, Western Australia, April 2015. JoNova | Click to enlarge.

Weekend Unthreaded

Been away for a few days again… north this time. Cute small fishing towns are overlooked.

Hope you are having fun too.

Weekend Unthreaded

Margaret River | Photo Jo Nova on Friday (Click to enlarge) Trees are Karri and Marri.

Yes, I’ve been away again. Hence not so many posts and comments. This holiday thanks to reader Alex and his lovely family.

Weekend Unthreaded

Limestone beach cave, 3hrs north of Perth, WA | Click to enlarge.

Weekend Unthreaded


More beach holidays. Apologies to Northern Hemisphere readers. We’ve had three beach holidays in two weeks with various friends and relatives. January in Australia is tough.

I love the colors of the Western Australian coast. The sky really is that intense blue, and the water is that clear. We fed stingrays at Hamelin Bay at sunset too. This is a seven year old boy hand-feeding a tame eagle ray which must have weighed twice as much as him. That one had no tail, but others did. Remarkable. Click to enlarge shots.

Weekend Unthreaded


Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory, Australia | Photo Jo Nova

Weekend Unthreaded

Photo by Geoff Sherrington

Weekend Unthreaded

Photo by Geoff Sherrington | Click to enlarge

Weekend Unthreaded

Cumulonimbus over Queensland | Photo by Geoff Derrick | Click to enlarge


Weekend Unthreaded

Australian Outback  | Photo by Geoff Sherrington  | (Click to enlarge)

… Photo by Geoff Sherrington

Unthreaded Weekend

Carved granite  | Photo: Jo Nova

Each year the winter whitewater carves out a tiny bit more rock, and each summer we see the ripples in the granite.

Weekend Unthreaded


… (Click to enlarge) Photo: Jo

I took this flying from Denpasar to Perth. Glorious ancient landscape in the dry season north-west WA. Click for a larger broader image.

UPDATE: thanks to help from Steve R W, I think I’ve found the location. It appears to be part of a long ridge in The Barlee Range, just north of the Frederick River in the Pilbara area of Western Australia.  It is so remote, Google Earth tells me “you can’t get here from where you are”.

Weekend Unthreaded

A couple of hours north of Perth. It’s not snow.