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Kill the Climate Deniers is back with a new club dance album

Remember the government funded play “Kill The Deniers”? They’re back!

This time they’ve got a talkie-dance video (is it funded by the ACT government again? I don’t know). They’re launching it today in Canberra (Weds 21st). See it below — at first glance I thought David Finnigan was up to his deep game — living satire — where he pretends to mock skeptics while he’s really satirizing the Global Worriers, post modern art, and pointless government funding. It could be, but this one looks more like a therapy session. Let’s work through the pain, and pretend the artistes paid for childish drama are the victims of meanie words…

But cynically, seriously, maybe climate skeptics were the only ones who paid any attention last time, and this is just a gambit for a link from Andrew Bolt?

Note the credits:

Words by Andrew Bolt, Joanne Nova, and Bishop Hill and all the commenters

The narrative is about someone with a bag on their head who gets uncovered, does a big stretch, dances around some cardboard heads, then she stops and they put the bag back on. Plotless. (You expected a plot, you philistine?)

Andrew Bolt is [...]

The Vicar of Bray (updated)

A Sunday change of pace, for those who are musically inclined.  – Jo

The Vicar of Bray (probably now preaching at a college in upstate New York)

An updated version[1] by William York (who is looking for a singer, or group. A counter tenor or others?)

In George Bush Senior’s golden days when climate no harm meant, A zealous scientist was I, and so I gained preferment. I saw the rise of CO2 might be a source of funding And so I wrote computer code that soon defied unbundling.

chorus: And this be law, I shall insist Until my dying day, sir That what so ere the weather ist, The climate is at fault, sir.

When William Clinton came to power, then climate was in fashion, And bold Al Gore bestrode the world whose climate was his passion The IPCC, I found, did fit Full well my own projections And I had been a Wall Street quant, but for these good connections. [...]

The Climate Brick Road song — “surrender your neurology to the church of climatology”

This song is growing on me. It didn’t grab me in the first verse, but I was definitely smiling by the middle.  A rollicking… satire.

I could see this going down very well at the right party. :- )

Thanks to James Black,  a Tropicarnival music award winner,  see his site. This song is part of an album “Songs From Inside The System”, and I hear it started as a short poem here. Support the musician who doesn’t follow the same meme as so many others, there are plenty more songs yet to be written about our collective craziness.

My favourite lines:

“Paying your carbon taxes,

paying trillions to the goldman saches,

surrender your neurology,

to the church of climatology,

that science garbology,

is new world theology.