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Trump trolls the UN

Posted By Jo Nova On December 18, 2018 @ 3:38 am In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

UNFCCC, climate change, conference 2018The UN collective junket for 25,000 people is over. In PR Bingo, all the winning phrases were launched. As usual, “it’s progress”, but “nowhere near enough”.

“Weary” climate negotiators “worked through the night”, in a “marathon” and “but the agreement fell well short…”

‘1,000 little steps’: Global climate talks end in progress but fail to address the galloping pace of climate change

By Brady Dennis ,Griff Witte and Chris Mooney, The Washington Post

The agreement was non binding and has no chance of achieving the 1.5C or even the 2C goal, despite this, the crowd was happy:

“Approval of the agreement prompted a standing ovation from the delegates. “

People who think in group-formation will cheer any form of “Yes” –  nevermind the numbers.

Trump is trolling the UN

The US is out of Paris (theoretically) but “in” the negotiations. It will take four years for the US to formally leave the Paris Agreement, but in the meantime, he’s technically at the table, unbridled, and free to kill sacred cows in public. The UN, no doubt, thought the four year cooling off period would work for them (with the help of 4 year US election cycles) but being out-but-in gives Trump license to send delegates to loudly not welcome a treasured UN scientific report, to showcase fossil fuels, and generally wreak havoc and play mischief. So the US blocked the “welcome” of the IPCC report midway along with Russia, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. In response, predictably, small island nations and environmental groups caused an uproar.

The world’s largest economy and its second-largest polluter played an at-times contentious role in the negotiations, with its officials rankling fellow delegates by initially refusing to accept a landmark climate report and later putting on a presentation touting the virtues of fossil fuels.

But fellow negotiators said the United States was mostly notable for its absence.

..  “The U.S. role here is somewhat schizophrenic — pushing coal and dissing science on the one hand, but also working hard in the room for strong transparency rules,” said Elliot Diringer, executive vice president of the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions,

Real environmentalists think transparency will help them:

Despite Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate accord and promote the use of coal, the US was praised for its efforts to close potential loopholes that could allow countries to dodge their commitments to cut emissions.

“The US pushed harder than nearly anyone else for transparency rules that put all countries under the same system, and it’s largely succeeded,” said Elliot Diringer of the Centre for Climate and Energy Solutions, a Washington think tank.

–Tom Batchelor, The Independent

Trump trolling again. Transparency will show how pathetically inadequate most “carbon reduction” programs are and it will slow the corruption.

The ever present hope of “global carbon trading” resurfaces

Carbon markets, carbon trading, climate money, burning carbon credit image. Jo Nova.The $7 trillion dollar creature from the deep pops up again. The plan is for bankers to get rich on an unnecessary fake free market in carbon-paper, which is one of the most expensive and inefficient ways to reduce carbon.

And the meeting postponed decisions on pledging more ambitious action to fight global warming and on regulating the market for international carbon emissions trading.

Brazil foils those plans for another year, dang “populist” leader!

In another sign of a more difficult environment for climate negotiations this year, text establishing a large part of a planned carbon trading system was scuttled after Brazil, one of the world’s leading greenhouse gas producers, blocked proposals for counting certain emissions.

Brazil led a push for lenient rules that other nations said would weaken the system, which is intended to incentivize emissions cuts by creating a market price. With negotiators unable to reach a deal, the issue was punted until next year — a move that Boston College environmental law professor David Wirth said could “delay or undermine confidence among the private sector in undertaking climate-friendly investmentsone of the most important purposes of the Paris Rulebook.”  — The Washington Post

And you thought the environment was the real purpose of the UN rulebook. Really, it’s climate friendly investments.

How much of this UN gig is just a disguised industry showcase for the renewables industry?

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