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Merry Christmas with Carols For Coal :-)

Christmas runs on coal.

Image by pixel2013

Thanks to readers who responded to the request to respond to the  Carols against Coal. After the gripping thrill of “We Wish You a Steady Climate“, get ready for a treat.  Here’s draft one of Christmas Carols to Warm the World. Forgive the odd blasphemy, there are some absolute gems lines here. With a little more fine tuning I see lots of potential — a book for next Christmas? Thank you to the star contributors, and please keep them coming!

Merry Christmas to everyone. — Jo

Tides of Mudgee:  O Come All Ye Warmists

Oh come all ye warmists
You think you’re so triumphant
Oh come on, admit it now, you’re wrong, wrong, wrong
Climate is changing,
But we are not the cause of it.
We cannot change the CO2,
It doesn’t drive the temperature,
The biggest lie in history
Christ I’m bored.


Reed Coray — Jingle Coal

Burning all that coal
Warms our very soul
o’er the lumps we roll
Staying warm’s our goal.

Watching Gaia squirm
Maybe even burn
Looking for a fight
Makes our spirits bright.

Doing what we should
Even all we could
Doing plants much good
Better coal than wood

Laughing at our peers
Holding back our tears
Can’t believe our ears
Hearing phony fears.

Busy at the pole,
Elfs are mining coal
Santa’s on a roll
Leaving lumps of coal.


Mining Coal, Mining Coal
Mining Coal all day
Oh what fun it is to load
a hopper all the way eh.

Mark M

Wind turbine, wind turbines, turbines all the way,

Oh what stupidity it is to head, back to pre-industrial days, hey!

tom0mason:  Good King Wenceslas

Old King Coal was last dug out, on the Feast of Stephen.
Wind and solar all about, rigged prices don’t breakeven.
Brightly shone the the forest that night, the fire it was cruel,
Now the poor folk roundabout hadn’t any fuel.


Robber:  The Twelfth day of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas
My true love sent to me
Twelve greenies prattling
Eleven warmists nagging
Ten pollies raving
Nine coal mines working
Eight windmills idling
Seven panels sunning
Six rent takers reaping
Five RETs
Four subsidies
Three promises broken
Two climate cultists
And Australia up a gum tree.




Sonny: All I want for Christmas

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There’s just one thing I need
I don’t care about the presents
and all that capitalist greed.
I just want to stop climate change
Though my friends think I’m deranged
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas
Is to impose my world-view.

I don’t want a lot for Christmas
There is just one thing I need
I don’t care about the presents
And would never cut down a tree
I don’t buy china made stockings
And would never light my fireplace
Santa Claus won’t make me happy
His plastic toys are a disgrace.
I just want to fight global warming
i don’t care if i am conforming
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas
Is to impose my world-view.

I won’t ask for much this Christmas
I won’t even wish for snow
I’m just gonna keep on waiting
For the big coal overthrow
I won’t make a list and send it
To the North Pole for Saint Nick
I would rather stay awake
and study Mann’s hockey stick.
I just want to get climate right
Thats why i won’t turn on the light
What more can i do?
Baby all I want for Christmas is
to impose my world-view.

No lights are shining
There is darkness everywhere
And the sound of children’s
Laughter vanished into thin air.
Nobody is singing
But i hear those alarm bells ringing
Santa won’t you help me with my scruple
And make Christmas Carbon Neutral.

Oh I don’t want a lot for Christmas
This is all I’m asking for
I just want to see this world
Become like Orwell’s 1984
I just want warming to slow
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
Baby all I want for Christmas is to impose my world-view.
Baby all I want for Christmas is to impose my world-view.
Baby all I want for Christmas is to impose my world-view.






Latus Dextro  — The First Noel

The First Noel
(mod. English carol, 17th century)
The first Noel Mike Mann did say
Was a great warming now well underway
In committees they lay,
In politics they played,
Laying out their plans
On a hot summers day.
No-coal No-coal No-coal No-coal!
Green is the face of Gaial!
They hooked up and saw a scam
Shining was the West all ’round them now,
And to the earth they gave great cash,
And so it continued both day and night.
No-coal No-coal No-coal No-coal!
Green is the face of Gaial!
And by the cash from that great wealth
Wise men flew from countries afar,
To seek more cash was their intent
And to follow the wealth
Wherever it went.
No-coal No-coal No-coal No-coal!
Green is the face of Gaial!
This faith grew forth to all the World
Over everything it took its cue,
And there it did both stop and stay
Over every place where power lay.
No-coal No-coal No-coal No-coal!
Green is the face of Gaial!
Then did they know the great cooling seas
That their models were nix just a vacant big tease:
as the meme failed the dream did too,
And they found themselves deep in the loo:
No-coal No-coal No-coal No-coal!
Green is the face of Gaial!
Then came the greater cold, the grand solar change,
that created a big chill over the world:
no food, no crops, no cash, no tax,
Gone is the greed of the carbon creed.
No-coal No-coal No-coal No-coal!
Green is the face of Gaial!
Then let us all with one accord
Sing praise to all the earthly joules,
That hath made heaven
out of naught on earth,
And with warmth mankind has brought great cheer.
Noel Noel Noel Noel!
Born is the King of Israel!


 Alice Thermopolis: On the first day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas,
Catholic Online sent to me
More climate fare from the Holy Chair,
And a post-truth partridge in a pear tree.

On the second day of eco-worrying,
Satan sent to me
A Polar Vortex to perplex,
And a Trump-et in a populist tree.

On the third day of extreme-weather,
An angel sent to me
A message from Jehovah, another super-Nova,
And a Paltridge in a pear tree.

On the fourth day of weird-weather,
Project Stardust sent to me
Samples from my gutter that made me splutter
But no alarmist from the IPCC.

On the fifth day of Christmas,
The American Geophysical Union sent to me
Feelings of anger, panic and fear;
Free of charge, without a fee.

On the seventh day of extreme weather,
Cool La Nina sent to me
News that El Niño’s fading fast.
The scare just couldn’t last, said she.

On the eighth day of eco-worrying,
Scott and Shackleton sent a note to me:
Little change in sea ice in a century, that’s nice;
And fifty penguins in a pear tree.

On the ninth day of Goldilocks weather,
Someone on the Hill sent a card to me;
Wow. Energy security’s the buzz-word now,
And one hundred politicians in a baobab tree.

On the tenth day of unsustainable power,
The Energy Market Operator sent a report to me:
Relax, it said, our generational mix is fine;
And one thousand windmills in a pro bono publico tree.

On the eleventh day of Christmas,
Two RMIT fellows sent a recipe to me:
Eat the roo, not the moo,
And ten thousand turkeys in a peer tree.

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
A prophecy came to me:
Curses. The alarmist circus is,
Perhaps, running out of time. We’ll see.

Sound the TRUMP-ET!

Carols singers.

A poem from Ruairi

Our carols will withstand attack,
From warmists who try to hijack,
These great Christmas tunes,
And from climate-change loons,
Who use them to hate coal and slack.


Eric Huxter — Imagine

Imagine there’s no fossil fuels
It’s easy if you try
Chill earth beneath us
O’er us cold blue sky
Imagine all the people
dying in their droves…

Imagine there’s no fossil fuels
It isn’t hard to do
Naught to aid survival
the CAGW religion too
Imagine all the people
dying in their droves…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the population will be just one

Imagine fewer humans
I wonder if you can
All is fear and hunger
A change caused by man
Imagine all the people
dying in their droves…

You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the population will be just one


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115 comments to Merry Christmas with Carols For Coal :-)

  • #

    If humour could help, this will help a great deal. It’s all you can do to point out the
    essential nonsense and Michael Mann would be furious.
    Well done everyone. Very funny and a lot of clever work, almost excruciating.


  • #

    very funny.

    here’s a cute story:

    23 Dec: Smart meter users get free power for Christmas
    By Jillian Ambrose
    Hundreds of customers with smart meters will cook their Christmas Dinner without paying a penny for their power, after Octopus Energy said it would offer four free hours of energy.
    The challenger brand said it would enable the price pause by tweaking its so-called “time of use” tariff, which is available to people with smart energy meters. Octopus is making the festive gesture following fears that smart meters might cause bills to spike at times of high demand because of “surge pricing”.

    Greg Jackson, the chief executive, said the supplier wanted to show that “plunge pricing” was possible too.
    He said smart tariffs could help customers to cut their bills by using cheap energy when there was plenty…


  • #


    24 Dec: UK Mirror: Gatwick drone: Police backtrack on claims there may never have been a drone
    By Chris kitching
    Suggestions that there may never have been any drones at Gatwick Airport were down to “poor communications”, police have said after facing ridicule.
    Sussex Police said they can “unequivocally state” that there were “numerous” drone sightings at Gatwick between Wednesday and Friday.

    It has also emerged that police raced to investigate a suspected drone sighting only to discover it was lights on a crane…
    A senior detective had said it was a “possibility” that there may never have been any drones in the area, despite scores of sightings which led to the closure of the airport for three days and caused massive disruption for passengers…
    There had been more than 200 sightings since the first drone was spotted in the Gatwick area on Wednesday, with police taking 67 statements, including from police officers and airport staff.
    Police are also carrying out a forensic investigation of a damaged drone found near the airport perimeter, close to the last reported sighting…

    Detective Chief Superintendent Jason Tingley said on Sunday that there were some “persons of interest” but would not reveal if police were close to making any further arrests…


  • #

    Merry Christmas to all. :)


  • #

    Lovely carolling by those denizens all,
    ‘Noel, Noel’, they’re so on the ball,
    re cli-sci hymn-book committees
    and odes of mann to a bristlecone tree.


  • #

    Id like to see someone write “climate lyrics” for The Clashs “Londons Calling”….

    Very good song…


    • #

      London Calling – The Clash.

      London calling, now don’t look to us,
      Phoney cli-sci-mania has bitten the dust,
      Hokey stick failing, see it ain’t got no swing,
      Except for the ring of that one up-tick thing.

      London calling to the European Zone,
      Forget it Big Brother, you can go it alone,
      London calling to the zombies of death,
      We’ll Brexit and fixit, create wealth,
      Make London great (and free) again.


  • #
    a happy little debunker

    I prefer mine to be just a little more George Michael 90′s.

    It’s natural
    It’s chemical (let’s do it)
    It’s logical
    Habitual (can we do it?)
    It’s sensual?
    But most of all…..
    Coal is something that we should do
    Coal is something for me and you

    Coal is natural – Coal is good
    Not everybody has it
    But everybody should
    Coal is natural – Coal is fun
    Coal is best when it’s….burned for some
    burned for some.


  • #

    Dennis and others, including me, were joking about’s Chrismas heatwave article on Jo’s “Unthreaded” thread. they’ve added a writer, Bedo, and completely changed the opening:

    25 Dec: A scorching Christmas Day for Australia as heatwave rolls in
    Today marks the start of a “very, very intense” heatwave across the country, and boy are Aussies starting to feel it as the mercury reaches 40C.
    by Stephanie Bedo, Natalie Wolfe & Benedict Brook
    Southeast Queenslanders are enjoying picture perfect weather on Christmas Day but in the state’s north, persistent rainfall has made for a soggy celebration and out west, it’s getting hot.
    On the Gold Coast temperatures are forecast to peak at a comfortable 28C, while in Brisbane, the mercury will hit 30C with low humidity, the Bureau of Meteorology says.
    “Pretty nice and fine conditions for today and tomorrow, and right up to the weekend,” meteorologist Adipi Sharan said on Tuesday…

    ***TWEET: Sylvia Massara–Novelist
    And we’re in for a #heatwave over Xmas/NY in Sydney. Ugh! Temps up to 40C+ (104F+)

    Whoever said they were dreaming of a white Christmas obviously never celebrated December 25 Down Under, because today Santa is bringing an absolute scorcher.
    Heatwaves have been forecast for much of the country with some capitals expected to see runs of days all with maximums higher than 30C — and further inland you can expect more like 40C…

    TWEET: Bureau of Meteorology:
    #Heatwave conditions expected with highest temperatures expected next weekend. Temperatures along the Murray likely to be in the mid 40′s. See LINK
    DarrMunday: All good here Xmas Day on the Sunshine Coast QLD, cool breeze 27°

    ***Christmas Day in Sydney is looking like 29C and sunny…
    While Christmas Eve was a scorching 34C in Melbourne, today will cool slightly to a top of 26C…
    Hobart will be cloudy for Christmas with a pleasant 22C maximum after a hot Christmas Eve…

    ***why novelist Massara is included with “Temps up to 40C+ (104F)” for Sydney, when the article states ***”Sydney is looking like 29C and sunny” is beyond me.

    must-watch video from BoM:

    TWEET: Bureau of Meteorology:
    Merry Christmas from the Bureau of Meteorology! Here’s the forecast (current at 11 am AEST 24 Dec) for #ChristmasDay and #BoxingDay around Australia. Check forecasts for your place at or on our #BOMWeather app
    ***VIDEO: 2min44sec: Dr. Adam Morgan, Meteorologist
    24 Dec 2018
    from replies:
    saffishere: those pink shorts are hideous
    Weatherstormgraphy: Wow 50 that’s a big number lol


  • #

    theirABC put up a silent BoM video to suggest a Christmas heatwave:

    BOM MAP VIDEO: 46secs: 24 Dec: ABC: Heatwave to affect parts of Australia over Christmas
    The Christmas period will see a heatwave affect parts of Australia…

    a day later, it’s heatwaves plural “after Christmas”:

    24 Dec: ABC: BOM warns Australians to expect ‘extreme heatwaves’ after Christmas
    By Danny Tran
    Extreme heatwaves are forecast to sweep through parts of Australia over the Christmas and New Year period, with some locations set to swelter in the 40s for days on end and average temperatures up to 12 degrees higher than usual.

    It is part of a sustained heatwave affecting parts of South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales.
    In the days after Christmas, the mercury will push 46 degrees Celsius at Coober Pedy in South Australia, Mildura in Victoria and Hay in New South Wales.
    It will be the first time that Mildura, on the Murray River in Victoria’s north-west, has had six consecutive December days above 40C, with the previous record of five days set in 1931…

    In the capital cities, Adelaide will reach 41C on Thursday and Sunday, Melbourne will hit 36C on Thursday and Canberra will swelter through 39C on Saturday and Sunday…

    time will tell.

    meanwhile, I heard the real Capital city forecasts for today (mostly mild) on 2GB last nite, yet the presenters were following up with stuff like “looks like we’re in for a real scorcher – don’t forget your sun-screen” blah blah. CAGW is infecting everyone.

    in fact, 2GB presenter was having to read a script for an ad for Oak Tree retirement homes, complete with nonsense about seniors are having trouble paying power bills, but Oak Tree have installed solar panels and storage, so residents don’t have to worry.

    felt sorry for the presenter as he doesn’t believe in CAGW and knows power bills are high partly because of solar/wind subsidies, etc. meanwhile, I don’t think Oak Tree have solar on all their properties.


    • #

      I was loking at the Riverina area, Albury for example had a max of 41.5 C in 2015.

      Forecast for next couple of days in Albury is 42C on Thursday thus week.

      Yawn…..its called weather….

      I remember as a kid not being able to sleep due to cicadas going all night long…cicadas dont sing unless its over 30C…..


    • #
      Environment Skeptic

      “theirABC put up a silent BoM video to suggest a Christmas heatwave:”

      Martha & the Vandellas - Heatwave


    • #

      BOM warns Australians to expect ‘extreme heatwaves’ after Christmas

      It was 34C in Geelong on Thursday. Hardly a heatwave. On Boxing Day I took the train from Melbourne to Geelong. There were multiple signs and announcements about ‘extreme heat’.

      Extreme heat was defined as being above 36C. We were told to expect canceled services and the buckling of tracks.

      Well not quite, I made that last bit up, but we were warned to expect canceled services.


  • #
    Andrew McRae

    Just saw a pro coal advertisement on TV by BHP.
    It was for steel making not electricity, but still very gutsy.
    Never thought I’d see the day.
    It’s truly… a Christmas miracle.


  • #

    A merry andenjoyable Christmas for all, and lower energy prices in 2019 (if only ….)
    All I want for Christmas is some cheap energy
    Some cheap energy
    I don’t know just who to blame for this catastrophe
    But my one wish at Christmas is as plain as can be
    Gee, if I could only have some cheap energy
    Then I could wish you, “Merry Christmas”.


  • #

    And…drum roll….Penrith, Sydney.

    Max 42.3C on 17th December 2009

    Penrith forecast max this week 28/12/2018 is a piddling 41C…..


    • #
      Environment Skeptic

      Good grief “41C…..” !!
      With some sub zero hailstones in any of that?
      If a careful analysis of the melt-water in recent Penrith hailstones had been done, the analysis would most likely show they are of Russian origin.

      That would explain everything once and for all.


  • #
    Richard Ilfeld

    re: carols. Bravo in general. When facts are in abeyance, ridicule is often the best argument.

    “let me get this straight. You, sir (or madame)are promising to change the climate, if only we give you enough money?
    Right……..I assume that, like all other laws, Congress will exempt itself from the consequences of its legislation?
    Uh, with your record….NO.


  • #

    It’s the time of the year again but wishing for White Christmas is racist they call
    – so be politically correct –
    burn more coal and make the soot fall.


  • #
    el gordo

    Peter Ridd gets coverage in the Oz.

    ‘Coral can take the heat, unlike experts crying wolf.’


    • #

      Well now we can see the $444 million to the GBRF result.

      Discovery that coral adapts to heat.

      Or is that warming and cooling is part of natural Earth Cycles of climate changing and weather patterns, and coral adapts?


    • #

      Scientists from James Cook University have just published a paper on the bleaching and death of corals on the Great Barrier Reef and were surprised that the death rate was less than they expected, because of the adaptability of corals to changing temperatures.

      It appears as though they exaggerated their original claims and are quietly backtracking.

      To misquote Oscar Wilde, to exaggerate once is a misfortune, to do it twice looks careless, but to do it repeatedly looks like unforgivable systemic unreliability by some of our major science organisations.


      Xenophon departs SA-Best
      The very rapid adaptation of corals to high temperatures is a well-known phenomenon; besides, if you heat corals in a given year, they tend to be less susceptible in the future to overheating. This is why corals are one of the least likely species to be affected by climate change, irrespective of whether you believe the climate is changing by natural fluctuations or because of human influence.

      Corals have a unique way of dealing with changing temperature, by changing the microscopic plants that live inside them. These microscopic plants, called zooxanthellae, give the coral energy from the sun through photosynthesis in exchange for a comfortable home inside the coral. When the water gets hot, these little plants effectively become poisonous to the coral and the coral throws them out, which turns the coral white — that is, it bleaches.

      But most of the time, the coral will recover from the bleaching. And here’s the trick: the corals take in new zooxanthellae, that floats around in the water quite naturally, and can selectselecting different species that are better suited to hot weather.

      Most other organisms have to change their genetic make-up to deal with temperature changes — something that can take many generations. But corals can do it in a few weeks by just changing the plants that live in them.

      They have learned a thing or two in a couple of hundred million years of evolution.

      The problem here is that the world has been completely misled about the effects of bleaching by scientists who rarely mention the spectacular regrowth that occurs. For example, the 2016 bleaching event supposedly killed 93 per cent, or half, or 30 per cent of the reef, depending on which headline and scientist you want to believe.

      However, the scientists looked only at coral in very shallow water — less than 2m below the surface — which is only a small fraction of all the coral, but by far the most susceptible to getting hot in the tropical sun.

      A recent study found that deep-water coral (down to more than 40m) underwent far less bleaching, as one would expect. I estimate that less than 8 per cent of the Barrier Reef coral died. That might still sound like a lot, but considering that there was a 250 per cent increase in coral between 2011 and 2016 for the entire southern zone, an 8 per cent decrease is nothing to worry about. Coral recovers fast.

      But this is just the tip of the exaggeration iceberg. Some very eminent scientists claim that bleaching never happened before the 1980s and is entirely a man-made phenomenon. This was always a ridiculous proposition.

      A recent study of 400-year-old corals has found that bleaching has always occurred and is no more common now than in the past. Scientists have also claimed that there has been a 15 per cent reduction in the growth rate of corals. However, some colleagues and I demonstrated that there were ­serious errors in their work and that, if anything, there has been a slight increase in the coral growth rate over the past 100 years.

      This is what one would expect in a gently warming climate. Corals grow up to twice as fast in the hotter water of Papua New Guinea and the northern Barrier Reef than in the southern reef. I could quote many more examples.

      This unreliability of the science is now a widely accepted scandal in many other areas of study and it has a name: the replication crisis. When checks are made to replicate or confirm scientific results, it is regularly found that about half have flaws. This is an incredible and scandalous situation, a view shared by the editors of eminent journals and many science institutions. A great deal of effort is going into fixing this problem, especially in the biomedical sciences, where it was first recognised.

      But not for Barrier Reef science. The science institutions deny there is a problem and fail to correct erroneous work. When Piers Larcombe and I submitted an article to a scientific journal suggesting we needed a little additional checking of Great Barrier Reef science, the response from many very eminent scientists was that there was no need. Everything was fine. I am not sure if this is blind optimism or wilful negligence, but why would anybody object to a little more checking? It would cost only a few million dollars — just a tiny fraction of what governments will be spending on the reef.

      But the truth will out eventually. The scare stories about the Barrier Reef started in the 1960s, when scientists first started work on it. They have been crying wolf ever since. But the data keeps coming in and, yes, sometimes a great deal of coral dies in a spectacular manner, with accompanying media fanfare. It is like a bushfire on land — it looks terrible at first, but it quietly and rapidly grows back, ready for the scientists to peddle their story all over again.

      Peter Ridd was, until fired this year, a physicist at James Cook University’s marine geophysical laboratory.

      Share this article


  • #
    Reed Coray

    Jo, this comment may be a repeat because during the original submission my computer indicated it had lost contact with your blog. If this is a repeat, please delete. Otherwise:

    “Elves” is the plural of “Elf.” So in Peter C’s and my entry, please change Elfs to Elves.

    In Alice Thermopolis’ entry: On the first day of Christmas, what happened to the Sixth Day Of Christmas


    • #
      Peter C

      After six days of heat wave,
      the Government sent to me
      six hours Power outage

      Five RET certificates
      Level four water restrictions,
      three hours train delay
      No airconditioner
      and a solar cell subsidy.


  • #
    el gordo

    Regional cooling signal in Oz

    ‘This prolonged heat is due to a vast low pressure system extending from WA over the southeast. In addition, a ‘blocking’ (very slow-moving) high pressure system over the Tasman Sea is keeping the heat trapped inland.’



    • #
      Greg in NZ

      el gordo, ’twas exactly the same set-up this time last year (wonder if there’s grant money available to study 12-month weather climate cycles…). Only downside is that we in the Shaky Isles get the cold southerly winds off that Tassie high. Sure has confused most news & weather robot-AI-cyborg presenters & churnalists as they blame man-made CCC™ for: heat, cold, flood, drought, gale, calm – all on the same day in the same country! Clearly their bogus pseudo-religious séance rantings have failed yet again it’s worse than they thought.

      25 December, NZ’s ™extreme™ max/min temps – Wanaka “scorching” on 30.3˚C (inland semi-continental) while just down the road towards the mangrove swamps and oyster beds, Invercargill (southern coastal) shivered on 6.7˚C overnight. So it was over 400% ‘hotter’ in the mountains – we’re doooooooomed for sure!

      As for the exceptional lyrics and comical satire Jo’s reproduced at the top of this post, here’s my one verse of the infamous –

      The Baron said “Snoopy – it’s the sun in the sky,”
      and showed him the lies, of the catastrophists’ side.
      Well Snoopy was certain, that this was the end,
      when the Baron cried out, “Climate changes! My friend!”


      • #
        Greg in NZ

        Post Script: just checked the website for Mauna Kea’s summit observatories on the Big Island of Hawai’i –

        11:39 Hawai’ian Standard Time (midday) 25 December, 0.0˚C with -4.1˚C wind chill.

        As NZ’s media would claim: scorching!

        Happy Boxing Day everyone ;-)


        • #
          Greg in NZ

          Oops, my 1st comment to el gordo appears to be lost in translation moderation – perhaps it’s hiding in the deep ocean next to that missing heat…

          Keeping it short ‘n’ sweet, my one and only verse of the infamous –

          The Baron said “Snoopy – it’s the sun in the sky,”
          and showed him the lies, of the catastrophists’ side.
          Well Snoopy was certain, that this was the end,
          when the Baron cried out, “Climate changes! My friend!”


      • #
        el gordo

        Climate changed in July 2017 and this pattern has remained in place ever since, its the loss of intensity in the subtropical ridge which is causing pandemonium in mid latitudes.

        At some point in the foreseeable future somebody of authority within the Klimatariat will break ranks and all hell will break loose.


        • #

          To: el gordo @ 17.1.2:

          At some point in the foreseeable future somebody of authority within the Klimatariat will break ranks and all hell will break loose.

          Snort! :-)

          Yeah, right!

          Not until the world ends the drought of unicorn farts and finds the lost pixy dust …


  • #
    Kinky Keith

    Thanks for all those great adaptations.

    For Robber,



  • #

    Ok so just as I rouse from a self induced food coma I find this display of clever creativity and feel I’ve neglected my duties (whatever the hell that is) so with some sobriety in the cold light of day there will be a submission of substance soon.

    I sincerely hope everyone that comments, lurks or occasionally visits had a great Christmas Day and remember any left over chocolates will be lovingly appreciated by our host so she has the energy to continue this fine blog, which perhaps is one of the last islands of enlightenment and beauty.


  • #
    el gordo

    Chatting to green/left people last night and they were shocked when I mentioned the strong likelihood of the very fast train becoming an election issue, with baseload power an essential part of the mix. The electorate has to decide whether they want to be truly progressive in a material world, or just bit players.

    ‘A whole series of Fuxing (Rejuvenation) trains were rolled out at China National Railway Test Center in Beijing, including new versions-a longer train and two lower-speed versions.

    ‘The longer Fuxing trains, which are 440 meters long and can seat 1,283 passengers, are the longest high-speed trains in China, with a maximum speed of 350 kilometers per hour. Two other Fuxing trains are expected to run at maximum speeds of 250 km/h and 160 km/h.’

    China Daily


    • #

      What about the other fuxing public transport?



      • #
        Kinky Keith


        Maybe the Chinese see it as Fu Xing.

        It’s important to know where to place the emphaaasis.


        • #

          Such as the time when second secretary at the Australian Embassy in Beijing China, Kevin Rudd, was asked to welcome Chinese guests to a dinner party and in Mandarin apparently suggested to the guests that they should fornicate with their grandmothers.


        • #

          fuxing says it better!


          • #

            Coming from a Kiwi, you could be mistaken for meaning ‘fixing’.


            • #

              Thank you Annie. My accent is not typically Kiwi — I was once accused (by two female BBC employees !) of being from North London. Having never been there, I have no idea what they sound like … but I accepted it as a compliment of a sort.

              My parents were English teachers (both Kiwis, too). My brothers and I didn’t stand a chance. :-)


      • #
        el gordo

        One thing we can be sure of, the neo Fascists will get the trains to run on time.


        • #
          James Murphy

          The one time I wanted to catch a train in China (aside from the metro/subway in Beijing), the station was closed to the public, and there was no shortage of what I recall as police, but may have been military hanging around the place, waving large rifles around and keeping reprobates like me away.

          No idea what it was about, no one would tell me (just like almost every train delay anywhere in the world, even super efficient Germany), and nothing ever made it to English speaking Chinese news. Based on a sample size of 1, it seems neo-fascists can stop trains just as well as make them run on time!!


      • #

        The VFT has been kicked around as a page filler story, and will never happen. Its been around 30 years and i remember it as a kid. Besides, running on renewables, it wont be able to run past 4pm in winter anyway….


        • #
          el gordo

          Yes its been around for a long time, but the huge cost and time to build the infrastructure was never going to work. Our political cycle is too short to accomplish the task.

          This time the money is available through the China Infrastructure Bank, which is a preferable option to the Belt and Road. The other point is that we now have borers to slice through the sandstone curtain and judging by their speed, a five year build is plausible.

          From a political perspective, Morrison has to run with this, being a federal government responsibility. Satellite cities to ease the congestion in the capital cities and coal fired power stations to support the new infrastructure.

          Of course if he doesn’t say anything then we’ll have to leave it to Shorten and Albanese to do it when they come into power.


  • #
    Robert Swan

    To the tune of “Silent Night”

    Science blight, the climate fight,
    why the alarm, why get uptight?
    Round the world the weather’s the same,
    carbon dioxide is not in the game.
    Stay calm and don’t be fleeced,
    Stay calm and don’t be fleeced.

    Science blight, the climate fight,
    People in power can’t get it right.
    Fixing a problem that doesn’t exist
    is not as heroic as they would insist
    Step back and engage your brains,
    Step back and engage your brains.

    Science blight, the climate fight,
    Basic physics is not always right,
    Complexity beats it any day of the year,
    but believers are fixated, they will not hear.
    Climate is not understood,
    Climate is not understood.


    • #
      Robert Swan

      Not usually keen on Web poetry. Must be the Christmas spirits…

      To “Away in a Manger”

      The climate’s in danger
       and carbon’s to blame,
      so Al Gore has told us,
       all praise to his name.
      We all must live leaner
       in our humble way,
      Take his example
       and fly every day.

      No don’t fall for that one
       he’s not of our kind,
      on a different plane,
       of air and of mind.
      Of course he must travel,
       as he will maintain,
      he lives life to the fullest,
       so we can abstain.

      His message is simple,
       our prophet of doom,
      wants all to accept
       their new life of gloom.
      And he will do his best
       to hold in his mirth
      While maxim-i-sing
       bank balance and girth.


    • #
      Robert Swan

      Ok, a third poem of Christmas is my last for the year — inspiration comes during my lunchtime swim. I see some tweaks might improve the rhythm of the above, but no biggie.

      To “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”

      You better not ask,
       You better not doubt,
      Better shut up
       Or we’ll be calling you out.
      The Thought Police are coming to town.

      We’ll know what you’ve been thinking,
       We’ll know if your not “woke”.
      We just might shame you on TwitsBook
       And that could send you broke.

      So … (repeat)


  • #
    Peter C

    Climate revisionism by the Hadley and Met scientists.
    Latest version of HadCRUT 4.6 (2018) compared with HadCRUT 3 (2012).

    They must get rid of that Pause, one way or another.


  • #

    Crikey, did you view the anxious to become PM and partner’s Christmas message?

    Going by the facial expressions on his face I wondered if he was being normal or trying to look prime ministerial?

    Maybe hoping the past will not catch up.


  • #
    el gordo

    Willis Eschenbach (wuwt) demolishes the AGW meme that dry places will become more droughty and wet areas wetter.

    ‘What this shows is that while the wetter areas are getting wetter, it is not true that the dryer areas are getting dryer. All areas are getting more rain. Not a lot more rain, of course, but more rain. Once again, the climate models are wrong.

    ‘And so one more beautiful climate myth runs aground on a reef of hard facts … the wet is getting wetter, but the dry isn’t get dryer—instead, the dry is getting wetter as well.’


    Its a global cooling signal.


  • #

    good grief!

    24 Dec: NBC Mental Health: ‘Climate grief’: The growing emotional toll of climate change
    Extreme weather and dire climate reports are intensifying the mental health effects of global warming: depression and resignation about the future.
    By Avichai Scher
    When the U.N. released its latest climate report in October, it warned that without “unprecedented” action, catastrophic conditions could arrive by 2040.
    For Amy Jordan, 40, of Salt Lake City, a mother of three teenage children, the report caused a “crisis.”
    “The emotional reaction of my kids was severe,” she told NBC News. “There was a lot of crying. They told me, ‘We know what’s coming, and it’s going to be really rough.’”…

    The increasing visibility of climate change, combined with bleak scientific reports and rising carbon dioxide emissions, is taking a toll on mental health, especially among young people, who are increasingly losing hope for their future. Experts call it “climate grief,” depression, anxiety and mourning over climate change…

    According to a Yale survey taken this year, anxiety is rising in the U.S. over the climate…
    Dr. Lise van Susteren, a psychiatrist in Washington and co-founder of the Climate Psychiatry Alliance, said it’s becoming harder for patients to ignore the threats of climate change…
    Bill McKibben, a climate activist for over 30 years who runs the climate advocacy organization, said groups like Good Grief can be an effective way to deal with climate grief.
    “We can’t just be individuals, we need to join together and be a movement,” he said in an interview…

    “I’m definitely not having kids,” said Marcela Mulholland, 21, a student at the University of Florida in Orlando and a participant in the Uplift session…


    • #

      yesterday, Aljazeera aired a German documentary that’s been available for months and not had any English-language MSM coverage whatsoever. seems there is a 90-minute version as well – with a title “Missing Women and the Bachelor Time Bomb”(it is brilliant, yet tragic).


      at 45min20sec: NARRATOR:…history is repeating itself. the UN Population Fund still uses 60 per cent of their aid fund for family planning and, once again, private foundations demand population reduction. at the time, they based their argument on “scarce resources”, today it is “climate change”.

      MATTHEW CONNELLY, professor of international and global history at Columbia University: it makes me nervous that, just as in the 50s and 60s, it was the Rockefeller Fund and Ford Foundation that issued marching orders to people all over the world…it makes me nervous when I hear it’s The Gates Foundation now…because this money is playing a preponderant role in global public health.

      Similarly when, back in the 50s and 60s, you had leaders from all over the world agreeing that population growth was a crisis, and agreeing that the United Nations had to implement crash programs, it makes me nervous now when people talk about the crisis of climate change and how
      it is we might even have to engage in crash programming.

      MARRATOR: today Africa is the main focus for population control. the World Bank and UN Population Fund are currently pumping millions into family planning on the second largest contintent and a large American company is providing the ultrasound devices and, as in the China, South Korea & India, people in most African countries prefer sons.

      VIDEO: 47min30sec: 24 Dec: Aljazeera: The Politics of Population Control
      A film by Antje Christ and Dorothe Doerholt
      How Western family planners helped curb the birth of girls in developing countries, the effects of which are felt today.
      Even though women make up the majority of the world’s population, almost 200 million girls and women are missing globally today. In some provinces in China, 135 boys are born for every 100 girls…

      This gendercide is a result of politically motivated population control policies imposed more than 30 years ago by well-known scientists and extremely wealthy men like John D Rockefeller III who had access to the highest levels of the US government.
      Their organisations, such as the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Population Council, which still exist today, triggered worldwide fears of a population explosion, according to Matthew Connelly, a historian at Columbia University in New York. He has researched in detail the development of this movement from its beginnings to its effects today…

      This eventually led to the creation of the United Nations Population Fund, which actively channelled millions into population control campaigns in South Korea, China, and India – including forced sterilisations and the mandatory use of contraceptives by poorer segments of society…

      Rockefeller, Ford Foundation & Population Council failed to comment despite multiple interview requests.
      International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) failed to comment on their involvement in India, China and South Korea sine the 1960′s.

      Wikipedia: Matthew Connelly
      Matthew Connelly is an American professor of international and global history at Columbia University in the city of New York. His areas of expertise include the global Cold War, official secrecy, population control, and decolonization. He is the author of Fatal Misconception: The Struggle to Control World Population…
      Matthew Connelly earned his BA in history from Columbia University in 1990, before earning his doctorate from Yale University in 1997…
      He has also been a visiting professor at the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po), the University of Oslo, and the University of Sydney…

      do not know what else Connelly might have said in the extended documentary, and am not suggesting he doesn’t believe in CAGW – I don’t know – but he is definitely not a major media darling.
      however, note:

      (scroll down) Uni of Buffalo:
      The History of Climate Change and the Future of Global Governance
      Department of History, Columbia University, New York City, May-August 2013
      The 2013 seminar will be taught by Matthew Connelly, Professor of History at Columbia University, and Jim Fleming, professor of Science, Technology, and Society at Colby College. They will be assisted in the classroom by Deborah Coen, Paul Edwards, Mike Hulme, Bill McKibben, Gavin Schmidt, and nearly a dozen other leaders in the field…

      also noting he has a connection to LSE, which is not mentioned on his Wikipedia page:

      2014: Facebook: London School of Economics
      Professor Matthew Connelly, Philippe Roman Chair in History and International Affairs at LSE delivers his inaugural lecture on 21 October. He will speak about The Radical Transparency of the American Republic…


      • #

        Africa is unofficially known as an open air test lab.

        The movie “The Constant Gardener” with Ralph Fiennes covers ( hypothetically, of course ) certain activities in Africa. Its worth a watch.

        It appears that from a globalist point of view, the dark skinned races are deemed lower value and attract the role of being used as lab rats.
        This may be why so many westerners are so keen to “help” africans, and indeed many are genuine, however doubts remain as to what is actually trying to be achieved.


        • #

          the dark skinned races are deemed lower value and attract the role of being used as lab rats.

          Why do you think Australia is in the pickle it’s in? You’re the `deindustrialization’ experimental rat. Both Australia and NZ were the `monopolies must be privately owned’ lab rats. You guys got the `kill coal’ experiment before us. Private owners of public utilities just love public utilities: they know they are effectively monopolies because they have a captive customer base which can be charged monopoly prices.

          Look at your electricity prices—you have to own your own if you don’t to pay the high prices for what comes across your Grid. In NZ, you have to be grid connected, by law. I don’t know about Aus. However, both countries have the same problem: a total lack of real generator competition. You have faux competition. Your prices, like ours, are monopoly prices because, like us there is only one grid and green electrons are inseperable from other `colour’ electrons.

          The only way we can really cure this madness is to take all electricity generation and distribution back into public ownership with a single large monopoly. That way it will truly be `Power for the People, of the People and by the People.’ Electricity generation and distribution is only economical and efficient if it stays as the monopoly service it was originally set up to be. We just have to be faster with the hatchet on our politicians to maintain reasonable prices.

          You’ve had your experiment. Think about it carefully. A `free market’ is a nice concept but it can’t really work and be economic with some services such as roads, railways, and electricity. We’ve all been `sold a bridge.’

          The World Bank is the original architect of this balls-up, with their `anti-socialist’ mantra. Trouble is, like everything that comes out of that august institution, they haven’t thought it through. America knows this: this is why their utilities are so tightly controlled—they’ve had past experience of it. The tight control is designed to remove the temptation for monopoly pricing and mostly succeeds. Their control authorities have big teeth and use them fast. But there should be no need for such controls: take it all into public ownership and the necessary control there. (We have `economix professors’ from the World Bank supervising our Reserve Bank so that we don’t do anything that’s `Socialist.’ and have had for the last thirty years. That’s why we’re in a slightly different pickle from you guys, but our electricity generation is going to follow yours. Taxinda Ardern and James Shaw will see to that.)

          The Classical Economists did not like monopolies but accepted there were areas where they were the most cost-effective and insisted those monopolies were publicly owned. And so they were. Until the World Bank put it’s post war finger in.


  • #

    Below are some interesting facts and statistics about the magical Great Barrier Reef.

    The Great Barrier Reef is the largest living thing on Earth and is visible from outer space!
    This incredible eco-system is 2,300km long.
    There are thousands of reefs and hundreds of islands.
    There are 600 types of hard and soft coral.
    This impressive reef is home to countless species including 6 species of turtles, 215 species of birds, 17 species of sea snakes and more than 1,500 species of fish!
    10% of the worlds total fish species can be found just within the Great Barrier Reef.
    The Great Barrier Reef attracts over 2,000,000 visitors each year!
    How old is the Great Barrier Reef? It is thought to be as much as 20,000,000 years old!
    The Great Barrier Reef is greater is size than Tasmania and Victoria combined!
    The Great Barrier Reef is the size of 70 million football fields…. WOW!


    I note that some “green” groups claim that the GBR is “probably” less than 3,000 years old, it’s a wonder they haven’t tried for hundreds of years old!!!


    • #

      Coral Coast Western Australia

      In the coastal playground of Kalbarri, where 400 million year old river gorges meet the Indian Ocean, over 183,000 hectares of spectacular landscapes are yours to explore. And after the winter rains, the whole region is carpeted in the colours of over 1,100 varieties of Western Australian wildflowers.


    • #
      James Murphy

      A 3000 year age just adds to the pile of evidence that CAGW true believers think the same way about science as the cohort of ‘literal interpretation’ creationists, and other devotees of James Ussher’s calculations.

      An interesting thought is that a combination of these beliefs would yield an idea that the GBR is almost half the age of the earth…


    • #
      Bill In Oz

      There used to be another GBR further off shore. But it got flooded by rising sea levels when the Ice age ended `9-12,000 years..
      So the current reef dates from after that time..

      Certainly not 20,000,000 years old.


  • #

    Oh! Well done all contributers! What a great collection. Just add some Uke chords (they are all standard Christmas tunes) and we have the makings of a ukulele concert with a difference!


  • #
    el gordo

    This paper doesn’t mention AGW, suggest readers go to the bottom and read the paragraph on solar influence.


  • #
    David Maddison

    Checking testable predictions of climate change catastrophist James Hansen. Video by Tony Heller.

    Remember, we only have a few days left to save the planet before the predictions come true and the ice caps melt, coastal cities drown and there is world wide famine and disease.

    I wonder if Al Gore and “our” own Flim Flammery have sold their expensive water front properties yet?


  • #

    this is very odd. first there was:

    21 Dec: ConnexionFrance: Macron responds to fuel petition with 1.16m names
    French President Emmanuel Macron has responded directly to a now-famous gilets jaunes petition that has gathered over 1.16 million signatures against the rising price of fuel, saying “you are right”.
    The petition, “Pour une baisse des prix du carburant à la pompe ! (For a drop in the price of fuel at the pumps)”, was created by ***Priscilla Ludosky and published on the website France.
    At the time of writing, it has gathered over 1.16 million signatures (NOW 1,168,920 have signed on at CHANGE.ORG) – and still growing – and Ms Ludosky has become one of the most well-known faces of the gilets jaunes movement…

    His message read: “Dear Mme, dear everyone, you have suffered the full force of rising fuel prices, and have decided to react by signing this petition. I have heard your message. I am replying to you directly: you are right.”
    Mr Macron continued: “Action against climate change is a necessary fight, but ‘end of the world problems’ must not work against ‘end of the month problems’.”
    The President said he recognised “the gap that has opened up bit by bit between the public and its leaders”, which was, he said, a problem that he had “not yet managed to solve”.

    He added: “The government has therefore cancelled the rise in fuel tax, and there will be no increases in gas or electricity prices over winter. In getting my attention with this petition, you have take part in an act of citizenship. If you are in agreement, I would like to continue this dialogue [with you].”
    The President then invited the petition’s signatories to “leave their email address” on the Elysée website to “receive regular updates that affect you”.
    Mr Macron concluded: “It is up to us to find solutions to make an opportunity – together, and through conversation – from this anger.”…

    ***Her petition is currently the second-most-signed on the France website, just behind the “Loi travail, non merci (work law, no thank you)”, which gathered 1.3 million signatures against the Loi Travail of previous President, François Hollande.

    ***Priscilla Ludosky was one of the “yellow vests” who met with French Energy Minister Francois de Rugy in late November, & who were not satisfied by his response, & called for further protests.

    the above petition got no coverage from English-language major MSM.

    NOW the following is now on WaPo, Deutsche Welle, RT, and a bunch of other MSM and, miraculously it’s got 1.6m signatures! RT report said the NGOs behind the petition are angry Macron dropped the “carbon” fuel tax:

    24 Dec: Miami Herald: AP: More than 1.6M sign petition to sue France over climate
    More than 1.6 million people have signed an online petition to take the French state to court for not doing enough to fight climate change.
    Greenpeace, Oxfam and two French environmental groups launched the petition last week. Their signature drive received exceptional support in just a few days, including from film stars Marion Cotillard and Juliette Binoche…

    Greenpeace France director Jean-Francois Julliard said on France’s BFM television Monday that the groups hope for an eventual court ruling requiring France to further lower carbon emissions.
    Julliard says the legal effort could take years, but cited a similar, successful effort in the Netherlands.

    When President Emmanuel Macron tried to raise fuel taxes to help wean France from fossil fuels, it sparked a nationwide movement last month. Macron scrapped the tax hike.

    Deutsche Welle: 4h ago: French environment petition raises 1.7 million signatures
    The website (The scandal of the century) on Tuesday was just 300,000 signatures short of its 2 million target…
    The petition hit the headlines days after French President Emmanuel Macron caved in to ‘yellow vests’ protesters over their demands to scrap the fuel tax hike…


  • #

    whilst this also attributes “wires”, there is no major MSM coverage whatsoever, but it was reported on Russia Today:

    25 Dec: DailySabah: German far-left leader calls for social uprising against government
    by Daily Sabah with Wires
    German far-left leader Sahra Wagenknecht took the ‘yellow vest’ protests in France as a model and called for resistance to a government of the rich in Germany.
    Alluding to the “yellow vest” protests, which spread from France to many European countries, German far-left Die Linke party’s parliamentary group leader Sahra Wagenknecht demanded similar protests while posing wearing a yellow vest.

    In a 75-second video clip published on the website of Aufstehen (Stand up) movement, she said that Germans also need to raise their voices neglected by politicians for many years. Wagenknecht’s Twitter account ***was blocked, after giving the yellow vest message to the German people…

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel earlier referred to the far-left Die Linke party’s support for France’s yellow vest movement as “scandalous.” Speaking in parliament, Merkel slammed the party’s members for having “said nothing about the violence that has been employed on the streets” during the anti-government protests in France. Merkel also called on the far-left party to distance itself from the riots…READ ALL

    7 Dec: WorldSocialistWebsite: German Left Party denounces “Yellow Vest” protests
    By Peter Schwarz
    The “Yellow Vests” who have taken to the streets in France for the past three weeks to protest against the “president of the rich”, Emmanuel Macron, have caused panic not only in the Paris government, but also in the Berlin headquarters of Germany’s Left Party.

    Abhorrence of any revolt from below is written into the DNA of the Left Party, which emerged from a fusion of the Stalinist state party of former East Germany with a group of Social Democrats and trade union bureaucrats from the West. To paraphrase Friedrich Engels, it is “more frightened of the least popular movement than of all the reactionary plots of all the Governments put together”. The Left Party instinctively regards any social movement that is not controlled and held in check by the trade unions as a right-wing conspiracy…

    In contrast to Riexinger, the head of the Left Party faction in the Bundestag, ***Sahra Wagenknecht, expressed support for the Yellow Vests…
    In fact, the differences between Riexinger and Wagenknecht are purely tactical. While Riexinger denounces the Yellow Vests, Wagenknecht believes it is necessary to influence the movement in order to prevent it from developing in a socialist direction…

    By the way, Macron’s tax is the example of promoting “green” capitalism.


    • #

      Video: 1min15sec: Sahra Wagenknecht (in yellow vest – German language)

      site has poor English translation, but a couple of interesting points made, especially about the drivers of diesel cars.
      the “Get Up” mentions are interesting, if accurately translated. what the “cheating” is I can’t tell, unless it’s not following Merkel’s demand that the left renounce the violence in the yellow vests’ protests:

      24 Dec: Vaaju: Sahra Wagenknecht protests with yellow vest before cheating on government policy
      The left faction leader Sahra Wagenknecht – with reference to the demonstrations in France – with a yellow warning vest in front of Chancellery and similar protests required in Germany…
      In France, those who have not been heard by politicians for many years have raised their voices, Wagenknecht said in the 75-second video clip released on the weekend The Moving Website “Get Up” “.
      “They enter the street against a president of the kingdom and have at least twisted the first concessions from him. I think we also need such pressure in Germany.”

      ***Germany also has a government of the rich, as evidenced by of on the diesel scandal . “The auto companies continue to make profits and the diesel drivers, especially the poorer, the older cars have to pay the bill.”

      She is regarded as a strong socialist, is the Left’s leader in the Bundestag and the founder of the left-wing gathering movement. “rises”…

      On September 4, the left faction leader introduced the new political gathering movement “Get Up”. Wagenknecht and Lafontaine want to reach left-wing voters who have turned away from the classical parties with their party initiative…

      Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had recently urged the Left Party to renounce the riots in the “yellow west” protests in France.
      Their unqualified support is “scandalous”…


  • #
    New Chum

    the weather forecast in Brisbane forecasts the temperature as 27.6 below that they report it feels like 26.9
    does anyone know what that is about, below is a link to the 3 hour forecasts with the 3 hour forecasts


  • #


    Heads-up – Skynews (who should know way better than this) just put to air a ‘heatwave’ freak-out piece about generally elevated Australian temperatures into the new-year. I monitor these things regularly, and I can say there’s nothing unusual within the next ten-day forecast model run output I see that indicates anything notably different to what we’ve already seen for almost all of December. So brace yourselves for this media fake-news beat-up and the epic ABC click-bait attack, and the imagery of panting kiddies at the water parks.

    The possible marginal difference here is that Melbourne’s and Canberra’s snowflakes and ignorant millennial pansies a ABC and BOM, just may experience a fair portion of a typical Australian summer so are putting on their usual histrionics and labeling mid-summer conditions a “severe heat-wave”.

    Don’t step in the BS and hysterics.,-28.691,136.934,5,p:off


    • #

      Reminds me of the Melbourne debacle with the ” extreme weather event” when they had heavy rain….the emergency services heads looked like hysterical school girls as a result….they lost credibility that day.


      • #

        I’ve heard all about that looming `heatwave‘ on my side of the Taz. Well, not all about, but it hasn’t escaped my attention. It looks like the time of year that only Fools and Englishmen go out into the central desert(s). How many people live out there to be `heatwaved,’ anyway?

        I remember temps of over 40°C (44, 45 or so) being `prophesied’ back in early Jan, 1991. A couple of days of it made it into Melbourne and I learned then why Melbourne pubs were so well patronised—`antarctic’ air-conditioning, arctic just wasn’t strong enough—and why you couldn’t become even slightly, errm, `under the influence‘ on even 5% beer. It didn’t stay in one’s body long enough but was straight out through the skin.

        You may need to remind the rest of world about those aspects before you’re buried in fake everything ranging from pity through sympathy … :-)


  • #

    BBC inciting climate revolution again; listen from 18min41sec:

    AUDIO: 23min: 25 Dec: BBC The Newsroom

    rough paraphrase:

    BBC’s Keith Adams: protest choirs. Fire Choir…Sam Lee, critically-acclaimed folk singer. SJOKK, a Norwegian socialist choir. Lotte Reimer “Singing for our Lives – Stories from the Street Choirs”. Lotte is also founder of UK’s campaign choirs’ network. says increase recently of rebel choirs joining a group.

    Lotte: quite a lot of socialist choirs, environmental issues are very big. lots of people have been on climate change marches & anti-fracking is a big thing. they really come from grassroots.

    BBC: some of the Fire Choir have came to Parliament Sq in London, leading climate change activists in song. it’s part of a movement of direct action over the issue, called Extinction Rebellion.
    XR protesters: the time has come, we want rebellion in towns and cities around the world.
    BBC vox pop. you heard the singing…what affect did the singing have?
    member of public: i think it’s beautiful & emotional & calming & soothing for everybody.
    BBC: you didn’t expect something angry here?
    member of public: no I didn’t, I’m quite aware of the movement as it’s building, and it’s strength is non-violence.

    BBC to XR activist: what did you think of it?
    XR male: I thought it was amazing and, when we are doing direct action, it’s very important to have these things around you because you can feel quite intimidated by the police or by the situation you are in.
    BBC: so it soothes you and helps steel you for what you are about to do?
    XR male: it certainly does, yeah.


    • #

      Sam Lee/Fire Choir/XR/George Monbiot seem to be close:

      TWEET: Fire Choir: Sam Lee
      Sat morning I will be singing with @ExtinctionR #ExtinctionRebelion and thought to share this video I made of @mcdizraeli and @blythepepino singing @firechoiruk‘s anthem FIRE!!
      ***Spot @GeorgeMonbiot dancing at the front!
      23 Nov 2018
      VIDEO 45sec

      Fire Choir re-tweets:

      TWEET: Camaign against Climate Change: Thousands block bridges in London in climate rebellion
      17 Nov 2018

      reply: Wraith1001: There were not thousands.
      i am in London on a weekend trip and witnessed this demo.. hippies and students doing what they do best. there was about a 100

      TWEET: Sam Lee: Such a powerful article from ***the high priest of tell it like it is writing @GeorgeMonbiot A very strong call to action. Join me and my Fire Choir @singthechange on 31st Oct for @ExtinctionR ..ebelion for another great march @NestFolk
      23 Oct 2018

      ***18 Oct: Guardian: As the fracking protesters show, a people’s rebellion is the only way to fight climate breakdown
      by George Monbiot
      Our politicians, under the influence of big business, have failed us. As they take the planet to the brink, it’s time for disruptive, nonviolent disobedience.

      take a listen:

      Youtube 51sec: Fire Choir performance July 2018
      Fire Choir is a community choir led by award-winning folk singer and Foundling Fellow Sam Lee, in partnership with The Nest Collective. Developed for Lee’s Fellowship project, the community choir is dedicated to revitalising communal singing with political empowerment and a sonorous means to protest at its heart. Highlighting social and environmental injustice, Fire Choir builds on the Foundling Museum’s centuries-old legacy of social change, campaigning and creativity. Singers tap into the enormous and ancient international repertoire of songs rooted in social change, justice and emancipation…


  • #

    meanwhile, BBC Newsday has been having daily CAGW segments, including more publicity, & fawning, for good ol’ Hansjorg Wyss:

    at 48min:

    AUDIO: 52min59: BBC Newsday:

    for those who can’t be bothered listening – Hansjorg already received plenty of exaggerated publicity from the FakeNewsMSM in October:

    We Have to Save the Planet. So I’m Donating $1 Billion.
    New York Times – 31 Oct 2018
    Mr. (Hansjörg) Wyss is a philanthropist and conservationist…For my part, I have decided to donate $1 billion over the next decade to help accelerate land…I will give this sum over the next decade to help accelerate land and ocean…

    31 Oct: PR Newswire: Wyss Foundation Launches $1 Billion Campaign to Help Conserve 30% of the Planet by 2030
    The Wyss Campaign for Nature will work with the National Geographic Society, The Nature Conservancy, and conservation partners across the globe to protect lands and oceans for current and future generations
    by Wyss Campaign for Nature

    The goal of the effort, called the Wyss Campaign for Nature, is to help nations conserve 30 percent of the planet in a natural state by the year 2030 by creating and expanding protected areas, encouraging the international community to establish more ambitious protected area targets, investing in science, and inspiring conservation action and new investments around the world…

    To achieve its objective of conserving 30 percent of the planet in a natural state by the year 2030, the Wyss Campaign for Nature will support four primary strategies…

    BBC Newsday also did lengthy interview with “Professor” Kerryn Phelps on the Japanese decision to recommence commercial whaling, speaking to her as if she is an old pollical pro.
    Phelps mentioned no official statement has come from Federal Govt, but there’s been a call on Australian social media for a boycott of Japanese products.
    Prof Kerryn will be doing what she can.
    I can’t be bothered finding the audio.

    BBC managed to quote Greenpeace on the topic multiple times on the same program.


  • #
    Mark M

    Surely a wasted opportunity to lead by example with a an electric car & a couple of solar panels … oh, it is our swamp dwelling elites. What was i thinking …

    Imported ‘luxury’ cars for federal MPs to be trialled next year


    • #

      So now no cars are made in Australia, no aircraft, recycling only overseas, steel near to closing, aluminum refining only with massive government support, no electronics, no heavy manufacturing and we buy German cars, French desalination plants and German windmills and refuse to use the coal which is our biggest export. All tremendous self harm, all courtesy of our Unions and our Liberal and Labor and Green parties, while our pollies enjoy their well earned holidays on endless income for selling out the country. Julie Bishop is enjoying herself on the Sydney to Hobart race. Why not. It’s all just fun, fun, fun.

      Now they are getting German luxury cars. Why not? Everyone is stealing from Australia but we keep improving as a clean and safe holiday destination, as long as our young people are taught only to clean rooms and serve coffee.


  • #

    I’m not sure if ScoMo is enjoying the season, if Newspoll is to be believed. Signor Bernardi may not be as dumb as people chose to believe.


  • #

    Yellowstone, Dec 14 2018:

    YELLOWSTONE Super Volcano: 100ft Wide Fissure-Crack Opens in 24hrs Near Grand Teton – MAJOR Tectonic Shift. Grand Teton Park is closed, just south of the volcano. Park Rangers have “implemented an emergency closure.” Note: this is not to all of Yellowstone Park.

    Note: Not erupting … yet. USGS is “investigating” …
    Youtube News Reel available here.


    • #

      Isn’t Yellowstone the shining pinnacle of park management that the Greens love to point at? You know, the 100 years that Micheal Crichton so completely skewered them on? I guess the volcanic activity lets them off then? I’lol bet they claim it.

      I wish Crichton, MD, was here to debate Gore.


      • #

        Isn’t Yellowstone the shining pinnacle of park management that the Greens love to point at?

        I wouldn’t know. I don’t know if you remember the Yogi Bearcartoon series in the 1960′s? (Hannah-Barbara) It was … umm …a `light-hearted’ poke at park lack of management, I understand. Picnic Baskets were food/currency for the park bears, especially Yogi and his sidekick.

        I’ve always had a sort of an interest in volcanology and volcanoes and I remember stumbling over some news articles back in the early noughties. It was either 2003 or 2005—can’t remember which, then—when yellowstone first started stirring. There were big cracks opening in the roads around it then causing road closures and increasing worry about both local and foreign tourists. That may have helped sharpen up park management because it was relatively recently, The USGS put in some decent research to find out what was happening. That’s when they discovered they had one of the world’s largest supervolcanoes under them, and it was stirring. Oops.

        The news just keeps getting bad, and badder, at the moment, but it doesn’t mean an eruption is immanent. The magma chambers are filling. I will also point out that someone else has drawn attention to big volcanic eruptions at and around Grand Solar Minima. Whatever happens, there’s nothing we can do about it so we just have to wait and see. The caldera is made up of several overlying calderas all of similar hugeness, so yellowstone has gone bang sort of regularly, at least three times. The last one was as recently as about 640,000 years ago and the times before that were 1.3MYA and 2.1MYA.

        To reiterate: there is nothing to suggest any sizable eruption is immanent. There’s nothing we can do about it anyway as it would be a bit difficult to evacuate all the United States and Canada. It may well not do anything at all in our lifetimes so let’s not worry about what’s out of our control. I’m having fun watching it and I sincerely hope nothing much continues to happen for a loooo-ooong time yet.

        Another one I’m watching is Campi Flegrei, under Naples. It’s doing similar things. It’s about 35 miles to the west of Vesuvius. If it decides to blow up, we can kiss Italy and a lot of Europe good bye. From a good safe distance, of course. It’s interesting, but it too is not making any immanent noises. I’m having fun finding out about it and my best wishes for its continuing quiescence go out to the people of Naples.

        Ah, yes, Mr A. A. (Ack-Ack) Gore. When it comes to someone debating Gore, be aware: Gore does NOT debate. He refuses to.


  • #

    25 Dec: Daily Caller: Michael Bastasch: House Democrats Are Lining Up Behind What Could Be The Largest Expansion Of Government In Decades
    •Democrats are lining up to support Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal.”
    •The proposal could be the largest expansion of government since the Great Society or New Deal.
    •Ocasio-Cortez’s plan could cost tens of trillions of dollars.
    More than 40 Democratic lawmakers support the “Green New Deal” as part of a broad plan to fight global warming and bring about what they see as “economic, social and racial justice.” A poll (***LINK) found most Americans supported the deal, but knew little about it…

    But the big question is when Americans find out what’s in the “Green New Deal,” will they be willing to pay for it?…

    ***links to FakeSpin on the ultimate CAGW FakePoll:

    19 Dec: Gizmodo: Brian Kahn: New Poll Shows Basically Everyone Likes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal
    New polling released on Friday by the ***Yale Program on Climate Change Communication shows that 81 per cent of respondents across the political spectrum support the progressive plan to combat climate change by rapidly weaning the U.S. off fossil fuels…

    The findings are stunning but also come with a couple caveats, namely that most people haven’t heard much about the Green New Deal, and they may not know of its connection to incoming representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a bete noire in the right wing fever swamps…

    The Yale poll also didn’t identify that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is among those pushing hardest or that basically all politicians supporting it are Democrats.
    That in itself makes the poll a fascinating snapshot of the simpler things. When politics are taken out, rank and file Republicans are down with common sense climate action. But as the Green New Deal becomes more of A Thing outside of the left, it will almost certainly be used as a wedge issue by elected Republicans…

    14 Dec: Yale Climate Change Communication: The Green New Deal has Strong Bipartisan Support
    By Abel Gustafson, Seth Rosenthal, Anthony Leiserowitz, Edward Maibach, John Kotcher, Matthew Ballew and Matthew Goldberg
    The Green New Deal has Strong Bipartisan Support among Registered Voters
    Some members of Congress are proposing a “Green New Deal” for the U.S. They say that a Green New Deal will produce jobs and strengthen America’s economy by accelerating the transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy. The Deal would generate 100% of the nation’s electricity from clean, renewable sources within the next 10 years; upgrade the nation’s energy grid, buildings, and transportation infrastructure; increase energy efficiency; invest in green technology research and development; and provide training for jobs in the new green economy…

    These data were produced by the bi-annual Climate Change in the American Mind survey — a nationally-representative analysis of public opinion on climate change in the United States conducted by the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication.
    Surveys were conducted using the Ipsos KnowledgePanel, a representative online panel of U.S. adults (18+), from November 28 to December 11, 2018. ***All questionnaires were self-administered by respondents in a web-based environment…

    ***Funding Sources
    11th Hour Project, the Endeavor Foundation, the Energy Foundation, the TomKat Foundation, the Grantham Foundation, and the MacArthur Foundation


  • #

    Mark, it could happen at anytime, most likely at 3am in the morning. The odd crunch, breakage, and then the sudden realisation that someone is in your house.

    They may just hold a knife to your throat as they demand the keys to your car. If you’re lucky, that’s all they want.

    Otherwise, you are in real trouble.


  • #

    This site should reflect scientific values and eschew profanities such as “Christ I’m bored.”, the use of which is futile and, above all, disrespectful.

    “The Lord knows the reasonings of the wise, that they are futile.” ( 1 Corinthians 3:20 )


    • #
      Kinky Keith

      I see your point, but the context helps defuse the issue a bit and if the boundaries aren’t occasionally tested we might forget about them completely.

      I am much more concerned about the direction being taken by our society where it is more likely that a young child will be introduced to the concepts of LGBTQIR and other such nonsense as CAGW rather than the core behavioral guidelines presented by most religions.



    • #
      Peter C

      St John,

      I share your concern. One of my favourite activities of the year is attending the Christmas Eve carols service followed by mass. Even better when I was part of the choir. Where has it gone wrong?

      Christmas is a religious festival, but it has been hijacked, with the consent of the Christian community. Some of that is good. Every one gets to share some feeling of family, kinship and community (is that socialist).

      So I did not like “Christ I’m bored”. However I gave it a green tick because it rhymed and the rest of the revisionist carol was ok. I just would not have chosen that one (Oh come all ye faithful).

      Jingle Bells for instance is fair game, because there is nothing religious about it.


    • #

      It doesn’t work in the verse. It’s a lazy line.


  • #

    Coal they told me
    Not sun sun sun sun
    Sent T up one degree
    Uh ma mum mum mum
    Our finest scientists sing
    Fu-tures glum glum glum
    On an isle that’s drowning
    In rum rum rum rum
    Rum pum pum pum,
    Rum pum pum pum
    Debit UN fund
    Pa bum bum bum bum
    When we come
    Pum pum pum pum
    Pa rum pum pum
    Pum pum pum pum
    Pa rum pum pum
    Pum pum pum pum
    Pa rum pum pum
    Pum pum pum pum pa rum
    One mann said
    Pa rum pum pum pum
    I am a scientist too
    Pa rum pum pum pum
    I have no such gifts in it
    Pa rum pum pum pum
    That’s fit for even a Dip.
    Pa rum pum pum pum,
    Rum pum pum pum,
    Rum pum pum pum
    Shall I act for you
    Pa rum pum pum pum
    Pa rum pum pum
    Pum pum pum pum
    A Nobel Laureate
    Ba-ha! pum pum pum
    Maybe Physics next time
    Ba-ha! pum pum pum
    I played with numbers for him
    Pa rum pum pum pum
    I played my best alarmist spin
    Pa rum pum pum pum,
    Rum pum pum pum,
    Rum pum pum pum
    She just humoured him
    Pa rum pum pum pum
    In the warm sun.


  • #

    Late to the party, here’s my effort.

    I’m fearful of a dark Christmas
    with all the power off at home
    where the freezer’s defrostin’
    and power bills are costin’
    and all of my light bulbs have blown

    I’m fearful of a dark Christmas
    with every bill demand to pay
    while the NEG won’t save us
    and the RET enslaves us
    it’s a Christmas load-shedding Day


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