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Australia to dump renewable energy subsidies, quit trying to control climate with windmills and solar?

Posted By Jo Nova On August 31, 2018 @ 1:25 am In Big-Government,Global Warming,Politics | Comments Disabled

Wow.  Australia may dump the RET — the renewable energy target — and stop trying to use our national grid to make global weather nicer for our great grandchildren? This would be legendary.

“Lowering prices will be more important than lowering emissions”

Don’t break out the Moët yet. Note two caveats.

1. The Daily Telegraph “understands” this to be true. Not definitively announced. Not passed through cabinet. Is this just testing the water to see how hot it is?

2. Australia will still try to meet our pointless Paris agreement some other way. Sure.

Will those big complex winner-picking, market fiddling schemes go?

Daily Telegraph

RENEWABLE energy subsidies and emission-reduction targets will be replaced with a focus on lowering electricity prices under the Morrison government.

New Energy Minister Angus Taylor said the federal energy policy has been “a mess” and says the fact prices have soared while blackouts persist means something has “gone terribly wrong”

The complex schemes Mr Taylor refers to are understood to be the Large-scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET), which subsidises the development of renewable energy.

The Daily Telegraph understands emission-reduction will also play no future role in ­energy policy. h/t GWPF

As Andrew Bolt says: …he finally gives us the truth: we have global warming schemes that drive your power bills  through the roof without cutting the temperature.

Scott Morrison has split the Energy and Environment portfolio. Nice but symbolic. But, but, but, the nation is still aiming to reduce emissions by an obscene 26%. How will that happen — Like the Germans, who aim big, but don’t get there?

PM takes emissions targets from energy minister

Scott Morrison says the role of ensuring Australia meets its emissions reduction targets will be taken out of the hands of Energy Minister Angus Taylor and be given to Environment Minister Melissa Price.

The Prime Minister said Ms Price would be tasked with coming up with policies to hit the government’s Paris targets of 26 per cent reduction of 2005 emission levels by 2030.

“It’s her job to continue to pursue our policies in relation to climate and to pursue the policies we have to address our emissions commitment that was given under the Abbott government,” Mr Morrison said this morning

“Angus Taylor’s job is to be the Minister for getting electricity prices down.”

Guardian: Angus Taylor: ‘I am not sceptical about climate science’

In a speech in Sydney, new energy minister Angus Taylor denies being a climate change sceptic. But he adds that ‘I am deeply sceptical of the economics of so many of the emissions-reduction programs dreamed up by politicians, vested interests, technocrats and politicians around the world’ VIDEO: 1min36secs: 30 Aug

How do our friends at Reneweconomy feel?

Not happy. He is a “Bjorn Lomborg type” who won’t help renewables, which is “crazy” because  renewables are cheap, (which is why we can’t stop the subsidy schemes, right)? Got that?

Renewables are only cheap if you ignore all the hidden costs.

Bottom line: This is a step in the right direction. Keep sending those messages to your Liberal members, friends and donors. Make sure they know your opinion. Right now they will be hearing from the rent seekers who may wake up tomorrow incensed.

h/t Pat, GWPF, Dave B.

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