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ABC comedy, the jokes on you — Here’s to a holiday on stained mattresses in the back yard

Posted By Jo Nova On June 22, 2018 @ 4:18 am In Funny stuff,Global Warming | Comments Disabled

Thank the ABC. This is the best comedy I’ve seen them do on “climate change” — albeit unwittingly.  The ABC has a new comedy show on Wednesday nights called RoadMap to Paradise.

This is Big-Government Comedy. You’ll swear this was made by a skeptic. No really.

Is he a skeptic infiltrator? Nooo. The same episode includes an interview with a CSIRO scientist, Kathleen McInnes, who drops in to tell us things are “pretty bad”. And one of Corey White’s big ideas is to treat Elon Musk’s business like a tax deductible religion. I don’t think he sees the funny side of that either.

What was he thinking?

It’s tough being a comedian.

I’m guessing Cory White wanted to expose the futility of individual voluntary action to change the planet’s climate, with the bigger aim of convincing the audience that only Big-Government regulation can save us!

Sadly for him, Big-government action is futile too, and worse, no matter what hair-shirt-hell you can make for yourself, the government can do it ten times better. You, personally, can only waste one life. The government can waste a nation — it can bankrupt good citizens, blow up assets, and jail people. (Like Tommy).

Crunch those numbers Cory — we can all leave Australia and a hundred years from now the world will be 0.0154 °C cooler. (At best!)

We could turn our entire GDP over to Elon Musk and … crickets! Celsius crickets. Crickets with zeros!

Seriously, White’s enviromental thesis goes like this: Elon Musk is going to get $6b in tax breaks in the US but Australians grant $20b in subsidies to religious institutions instead. Imagine what Elon Musk could do if he was “given” $20 billion? Imagine. Crickets in Space?

It’s a lecture dressed up as comedy, and so bad that it’s funny (in bits), but we are laughing at the wrong bits. It’s a naked advert for political action, which is fine, lots of comedy has a political point. But this one doesn’t wait for the punch-line to open your eyes. It’s an infomercial with light relief. Only on government TV.

Episode 8: Environmentalism

Series 1 | Episode 8 ENTERTAINMENT  16 mins

[All the episodes are on iview, available to Australians |  crass language]

Twitter: #RoadmaptoParadise

White believes we can’t rely on altruism and goodwill, and we’re all greedy people who need government force to make us do the right thing. That says something about the people he hangs out with.

Time to stop hanging out at the ABC Cory?

For those who can’t see iview, try this (or not) — Episode 8 may appear here Episode 8? Perhaps someone out there can convert the tweet to youtube?

Let’s help Cory and the ABC get the word out…

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