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ABC reports pushy brain-snap from greenie activists to rename “Eggs and Bacon Bay”

Posted By Jo Nova On August 9, 2016 @ 8:01 pm In Funny stuff,Global Warming,Media-matters | Comments Disabled

Egg and Bacon bay.

Eggs and Bacon Bay, Tasmania

Their billion-dollar-ABC reports every irrelevant thought bubble a greenie group can dream up:

“PETA launches bid to change Eggs and Bacon Bay to healthy alternative”

The ABC can’t find a single local who wants the change, but they treat the fantasy to a three-photo feature, complete with expert opinions and interviews. The locals think the idea is a bad joke. Listen to Doug:

…Doug said locals were perfectly happy with the name.

“These single-interest groups ought to go overseas and annoy the shit out of ISIS,” he said.

The only person outside the ABC who thinks this issue is worth discussing is some poor chicken mayor who is happy to sell out the locals for fear of offending the busybody control-freaks:

Huon Valley Mayor Peter Coad is willing to consider the idea.

“Obviously these issues should be taken seriously and have some merit,” he said.

Dear Mayor Coad, PETA are demanding a meat-free map. You think this is serious?

Eggs and Bacon Flower.

One type of Eggs And Bacon Flower.

The town, by the way, is named after a flower. That’ll be next on the hit list, and before long Australia will be converted to the Most Boring Nation on Earth. Tourists will stop visiting. Businesses will die, and no children will remember the name of the town or the flower.

So when a group concerned with animal welfare announces a frivolous bid to change the name of a bay to promote human dietary concerns they get instant ABC free advertising. When an Australian launches a group of 60 people including the former President of The Czech Republic  to try to keep the poor warm, it’s crickets from the ABC: go find a mention of Clexit.

Only a registered peer reviewed approved climatologist can speak about the climate on the ABC, but animal activists can tell us what we should eat. It’s just a part of the non-stop promotion of the nanny-state tribe.

The ABC works hard to keep the national conversation hyperventilating about irrelevancies. It’s why they have to be sold off, the people who want this kind of bread-n-circus pap crap can pay for it.

No animals died in the naming of this story.

h/t David B.

Photos : Eggs and Bacon Bay real estate. Flower: A West Australian version of Eggs and Bacon type of pea flower (there are 700 different types).


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