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Peabody Big-Coal Yeti finally spotted — funds “heart and soul” of climate denial!

Posted By Jo Nova On June 14, 2016 @ 4:38 am In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

The Guardian are in hot pursuit of the nickel and dime Coal-Yeti.

Analysis of Peabody Energy court documents show company backed trade groups, lobbyists and thinktanks dubbed ‘heart and soul of climate denial’

The thing is, if Peabody was keeping the heart and soul of climate denial alive, it is now flat broke — it’s over for climate denial. No heart. No soul.  Denial is dead! But can anyone spot the difference… ?

Poor Guardian schmucks. Peabody were funding people who write what they believe, so Peabody came and went and the same people are still writing what they believe. If climate skeptics were in it for the money, they’d be alarmists.

Yes, Do. Lets talk about the Funding

If climate skeptics were in it for the money, they’d be alarmists.

Suzanne Goldenberg and Helena Bengtsson repeat all the usual sacred incantations completely blind to the real money. At one point they are so stuck for “big money” they whip out a $10,000 figure, and in an article about Peabody, that’s not even from Peabody, but from Arch Coal. General Electric make $20 billion a year in profits from “renewables” — when is The Guardian going to expose their political donations or funding of “dozens” of extreme left wing front groups (to use their own lingo right back at them). Not to mention the other itsy bitsy enterprizes feeding off the scare called Deutsche Bank, Citigroup, Royal Dutch Shell, and Panasonic, I could go on.  Governments burn $70 billion a year subsidizing renewables,  and  global renewable energy investment reached $250 Billion last year, give or take a hundred billion (who cares)? It’s all part of  a $1.5T climate change industry.

Whatever the influence of PeaBody is, it was nothing in comparison to the cashed up golden gravy train. Goldenberg and Bengtsson are the useful gullibles taking photos of mice while they ignore the Eleph….

Biggest US coal company funded dozens of groups questioning climate change

Peabody Energy, America’s biggest coalmining company, has funded at least two dozen groups that cast doubt on manmade climate change and oppose environment regulations, analysis by the Guardian reveals.

 Two dozen — that many? They’re only taking on most universities, The EU, The UN, The World Bank, and the IMF.

Environmental campaigners said they had not known for certain that the company was funding an array of climate denial groups – and that the breadth of that funding took them by surprise.

 After twenty years of non-stop propaganda denouncing Big-Coal and the massive industry of climate denial –  environmental campaigners thought there would only be one dozen right, not two? Imagine their surprise.

“These groups collectively are the heart and soul of climate denial,” said Kert Davies, founder of the Climate Investigation Center, who has spent 20 years tracking funding for climate denial. “It’s the broadest list I have seen of one company funding so many nodes in the denial machine.”

 The biggest mistake the coal companies made was not getting more serious and funding more skeptics.

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