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NASA — done moon — now “smacking down” people on facebook (to help Bill Nye the science guy)

Posted By Joanne Nova On April 17, 2016 @ 4:21 am In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

Forget spacewalks and mars missions, today it’s newsworthy if NASA writes on Bill Nye’s facebook page.

“NASA BRUTALLY shuts down climate change deniers on Facebook as they mock Bill Nye” — Express

“NASA smacks down climate change doubters in Facebook discussion” –Washington Post

Here comes a “smackdown”…

When it was accused of “fudging numbers” in producing global warming data, it retorted: “NASA does not ‘fudge’ numbers. All data requires statistical adjustments to remove bias.”

… more a tap on the wrist with a logical fallacy and a loose generalization.

The language Jason Samenow at the Washington Post, and Sean Martin of The Express are using is less “reporter”, more rap-song hyperbole. This, err brutal event seems to have shut down nobody, and answered nothing.

Bill Nye’s Facebook comments  are eye opening — skeptics are all over it. One skeptic somewhere made a silly comment and it became a Washington Post story?

Ponder how often NASA would have been so casually and repeatedly accused of “fudging numbers” back in 1969.

The real story is the decline of NASA. It’s getting trashed on Facebook.

I wonder what odds one would get,
From a warmist, if willing to bet,
That a N.A.S.A. decree,
By some hundredths degree,
Claims this year the warmest one yet.

          — Ruairi

I just happened to find these under a Kelly Rodriguez comment –

Mark Baumbach When NOAA literally changed decades of temperatures how can you make a bet. Heads I win, tails you lose. Bill Nye has debated Moreno on other outlets and has always looked silly, unprepared, and without facts.

Keith Rice That proves nothing. NOAA recently rewrote old data to better conform to increasing temperatures. Science is no more trustworthy than religion because the people who represent these institutions have the same human motivations.

George MP Macesich Climate Change, Man Made Global Warming, Global Warming or whatever the Leftist Soup de Jour name now in fashion is a scam. It’s designed to raise revenue and shut down industries the Left hates. This scam is the New Inquisition. Well I’m a heretic to this politicized pseudo-science. Nye you’re an Inquisitor a hitman if you will for this rather boorish fad.

Norm Lamar A most gratuitous disposition NASA has taken regarding the pseudo science surrounding Global Warming; in fact, it’s quite pathetic….and disappointing from an engineer’s perspective. NASA has degraded their scientific ethos with their futile attempts to convince us that Global Warming via hyperbolic computer simulations juxtaposed with skewed empirical data subjected to variable boundary conditions and invariably interpreted by biased researchers, is somehow, an impartial scientific finding we should all believe in…ah-yeah.

Gary John Woodside What part of his mechanical engineering training makes Ole Bill a climate genius or authority on any other “science” guy subject? Why take a bet from someone who can’t prove his theory for multiple hundreds of years when they already doctor evidence and would never admit being wrong EVER! Like betting against the casino that changes the odds of the games on the fly….

Brad Leak Oh good grief…. here we go with the Climate-Gone-Wild alarmists again. A cult-like narrative was produced by Al Gore, high priest. A narrative that has failed to be accurate time and time again. A narrative with it’s own plan for salvation that just happens to be the same plan of salvation of far left politics. It would be nice if NASA Climate Change would stay out of politics.

Thanks Michael Davison. :- ) “Excerpt – “...Bill Nye offers lame bets on pointless noise, talks of slavery, jail — other “sciencey” stuff”

NASA Climate Change on facebook

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