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It’s “irresponsible” to research health effects of wind-farms says Prof Chapman, USyd

Posted By Joanne Nova On March 25, 2016 @ 1:47 pm In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

Welcome to the cult of climate control where it’s responsible to spend $10 billion of Taxpayer dollars to change the weather with windfarms and such, but it’s irresponsible to spend $3.3 million to check if that harms anyone.

I hear that in houses kilometers away from a wind tower, the water in a glass can ripple, along with the water in the toilet bowl. Obviously since humans have no water molecules it couldn’t possibly …

Is it news that this research will finally be done? Not according to the ABC where the headline is about how much money is being wasted.

Millions in funding for research into wind farm illness criticized

IMOGEN BRENNAN: Sheep farmer Donald Thomas has lived near Waubra in Victoria for more than 50 years.

Since wind turbines were erected nearby about seven years ago, he says he and his family have had headaches, pressure in their ears and many sleepless nights.

DONALD THOMAS: It’s extremely frustrating. But the thing is, what the point they’re missing is the fact that yes, it is affecting us and it’s extremely unpleasant and so many of my neighbours have actually had to leave. It’s destroyed the community as we knew it.

IMOGEN BRENNAN: The University of Sydney’s Emeritus Professor Simon Chapman regularly reviews research for international papers about wind farms and public health issues.

IMOGEN BRENNAN: Professor Chapman says the new research funding is irresponsible.

Here comes the ad hom:

SIMON CHAPMAN: There are people who are anxious and worried about all manner of extremely low or non-existent risks and agencies like the NHMRC don’t quarantine money for that.¬† I mean they don’t put money aside for people who believe that UFOs are landing people and are going to infect us. I mean these sorts of issues have their adherence as well, but the NHMRC does of course not quarantine money for that.

It’s that kind of reasoning that gets you a position as a professor at Sydney Uni these days.

SIMON CHAPMAN: There are something like 53 wind farms around Australia, and one of my research papers looked at the history of health and noise complaints about those wind farms. A minority of wind farms have received any complaints at all.

So because no one has spent much irresponsible money looking at this, they haven’t found much, and if some wind farms are OK, then all wind farms are.

Remember human life depends on installing inefficient bird killing fans because we have to keep the climate as constant as it has never been.

Where is the real research?

This field is so under-researched that a tiny study of a few households by Steven Cooper was the first to suggest that some people recorded  symptoms when the wind towers were on in situations where they could not know if the towers were operating. Previous studies had not looked at narrow band infrasound. He found the more power a wind tower produced the higher the external dB(A), and that when studied with this better resolution there was no natural background noise with this type of pattern. For more information see the preliminary findings on wind turbine noise.

As I said then, there are more than 225,000 wind turbines operating around the world. So the real question is why has it taken so long to do an eight week study on six people in three houses looking at the effects of very low frequency ultrasound?

INFO: The NHMRC press release on funding for research into wind farms.

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