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The Green-Blob actions betray them. Greens don’t care about the environment or CO2, just power and money

Posted By Joanne Nova On December 6, 2015 @ 4:05 pm In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

Bask in the hypocrisy — the concern about CO2 is faked

Greens, green mask, greenblob, jobs, money, environment Climate change is The Greatest Threat on Earth but the Merchants of Panic don’t really care if we reduce CO2.  Follow what they do, not what they say. This is our last chance to save the planet, but they won’t consider nuclear energy — apparently the planet is just not that important. Nor will they consider Ultra Super Critical hot burning coal, which could reduce emissions by 15% at a stroke. Likewise fracking. Instead, the answer to everything is always inefficient, government-dependent industries and trading schemes. These schemes don’t reduce much CO2, but they reward the patrons of big-government and punish the opponents. They suck money from independent corporations, and churn that cash through the “renewables” cheer-squad, the financial houses, and the groups that profit from keeping the climate scare going. Ponder that the EU had a monster emissions trading scheme, but the USA cut far more emissions — thanks to fracking and no thanks to any fake “free market”. The bottom line is that we may face the Anthropocene Mass Extinction Event, but apparently things are not so bad that the Greens will consider fracking. The big EU market was riddled with corruption for years, which caused more CO2 to be released, but the Green Blob didn’t care enough to audit it, or to be outraged when it was failing.

Environmental success is measured in terms of money, not megatonnes. (How does “89 trillion” sound?).

And success was supposed to be measured in degrees C in any case, but the Greenblob doesn’t care whether the policies do that either. If heat is the problem, why is the amount of cooling irrelevant? And if windfarms are good for the environment, how come hardly anyone seems to care when it slaughters and roasts endangered birds?

Abbott was too dangerous because he gave Greens exactly what they *said* they wanted

Tony Abbott out-greened the Greens and threatened to expose that their fake concern. His “Direct Action plan” saved far more CO2 than the carbon taxes of the GreenBlob parties. He achieved cuts in CO2 for $14 a ton instead of spending $1,500 a ton. Direct Action is 5, 10 or 327 times more effective than The Carbon Tax. For the same amount of money, he could save a lot more planet.

If the Green Blob cared about CO2, Abbott would be called a hero — the statesman from the conservative side that got results.  Instead he’s a pariah. Indeed, it’s because he called their bluff that made him so dangerous. He gave them what they said they wanted — reductions in CO2, but he didn’t give them what they really wanted — power, money and the glorious sense that they are superior.

The Green Blob wear the mask of concern, but judging by their actions it’s just the cloak that hides self-serving, freeloading ambitions. If they really put the planet first, they would not be trying to save it with erratic wind and expensive solar power. They eschew all the cheap efficient options because those only reduce CO2 (which appears to be irrelevant) and don’t help with the real goal, namely bigger-government and a smaller independent sector.

If the goal is money and power, reducing CO2 through cheap efficient means would actually be counter productive. It would stop the flow of cash to the patron saints of wind and solar and show how pointless they are:

One MIT study estimated the cost of abating carbon with wind was about $60 AUD per ton, and the cost of solar was $700 AUD per ton. (Marcantonini, 2013). Another estimate put the price of carbon reduction at South Australian windfarms at $1484 per ton.

Hence Tony Abbott had to be stopped at any cost.

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