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New survey: Nearly one third in US say “climate change a total hoax”

Posted By Joanne Nova On September 27, 2015 @ 12:30 am In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

How the landscape is shifting.  If we give people the right question instead of the usual loaded surveys, they surprise us. Here’s an opinion poll with an outrageously skeptical option: “climate change is a total hoax”.

Bloomberg Politics National Poll

31% of US voters surveyed said they strongly or mostly agreed.

See what happens when you ask a good question?


I’m going to read stances some candidates have taken on key issues. For each, please tell me if you
strongly agree, mostly agree, mostly disagree, or strongly disagree. (Read list. Rotate.)

Total Agree Total Disagree Strongly Agree Mostly agree Mostly Disagree Strongly Disagree  Not sure
Climate change is a total hoax   31    65  17  14   20 45 4


In March 2015 a Gallup poll on Climate Change suggested that 24% of the US population worried “Not at all”. I called these the “implacable skeptics”. I’d argue now that the implacable skeptic group stands at 31% who agree that it is a “total hoax”.

Has it really grown this much since March? Perhaps the ramp up of the US presidential campaign, with Republican candidates like Trump competing to be openly skeptical and even defiantly skeptical has shifted the Overton window (the range of views that are acceptable in polite society). It’s believable that in a mere 6 months 5% of the population who were undecided have become comfortable saying it’s a “total hoax”.

The Gallup poll showed that the only sector of the population that was  growing were the skeptics.

Climate is the least popular part of the Pope’s new religion of political correctness

The Pope is gradually transforming Catholicism into the Church of Political Correctness — can anyone name a topic the Pope still supports that goes against political correctness? The Pope is taking climate change, immigration, gays and abortion but not so much about Jesus Christ.

Amazingly, despite all these hot-potato topics, the point that grates with by far the most people is the Pope’s “faith” on climate change. More than half the voters polled said they thought it was a “bad direction”. This was the point of most contention with the Pope — more people felt it was wrong for the Pope to be pro climate, than protested about his denouncement of the economy (37%), or his leniency on abortion (15%), gays (18%), annulling marriages (33%), and immigration (25%).


I’m going to mention some positions Pope Francis is taking that represent a change for Catholicism. For
each, and regardless of whether you are Catholic, please tell me if you think this is a good direction or bad
direction for the Catholic church to go. (Read list. Rotate.)

Good direction Bad Direction Not Sure
Chastising those who deny a human connection to climate
33 56 11




How many of those 33% who approve of the Pope telling us off for our climate sins are Catholic?

The Bloomberg politics poll interviewed 1001 people,
Sept 18 -21. 2015.


h/t Climate Depot

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