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Kill Santa for the climate. Is that ISIS or Nobel Peace “Scientists” ?

Posted By Joanne Nova On October 22, 2014 @ 4:16 am In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

The Eco-jihadi’s are back. In the latest creative, artistic work of genius to save the Earth, cartoon Santas get gunned down in shopping malls by the heroine. Blood splatters. The enviro-killers stand over the dead body of one Santa and the caption reads: ” “Making conservation a positive factor in the future would require a huge change in political direction.” Indeed. That’ll cool the world.

It’s 10:10 all over again in cartoon-format. Tony Thomas at Quadrant Online has  uncovered the masterpiece  “Climate Changed” by Philippe Squarzoni. The editors describe the book on Amazon as  “a feat of investigative journalism “ which “weaves together scientific research, extensive interviews with experts, and a call for action.” Action indeed. Action with an assault rifle.

You might think this is a fringe, semi-satirical production, but the book is endorsed on the back cover by Dr. Jean Jouzel, IPCC Vice Chair of Working Group I*. Indeed Jouzel apparently stars in the book, and in  Thomas’ words he is the “wise dispenser of IPCC scientific platitude”s.  The front cover tells us Jouzel was a co-recipient of the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize — which the Nobel Prize committee would dispute. Shame about the facts, eh?

Get ready, Tony Thomas has uncovered a “Teacher’s Guide” for 15-18 year olds as well. More good wholesome fun for kids.


On the book’s back cover,   Jouzel is enthused:

“What a marvellous way to convey the knowledge accumulated by our scientific community … I am truly admiring of Philippe Squarzoni’s great scholarship on all facets of the climate problem…An extremely well-documented work – which is, of course, essential for the perception of the message that it delivers. But its principal merit is, in fact, in the quality of the narrative and the art.”

Who is a big-tobacco funded scientist, Jouzel?

Squarzoni wheels out the Oreskes bizarre smear campaign about big-tobacco support for skeptics, which is becoming a “hot” topic again with the new Oreskes documentary coming out soon. Incredibly the Phillip Morris money has been going into the climate debate, but not to skeptics!

Earlier, the book’s Santa figures personify fossil-fuel use and smoke British American Tobacco cigarettes.

Author  Squarzoni damns sceptics as “relying on scientists who worked for the tobacco industry in the 1980s to put the science in doubt.” This theme is similarly promoted by Naomi Oreskes in her 2010 book Merchants of Doubt, now being made into a Hollywood film by Sony as something of a sequel to Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth.

I googled for IPCC climate scientists who have taken  benefits from Big Tobacco. Who should  turn up after five minutes but Squarzoni’s guru, Jean Jouzel himself,  a recipient of a 1992 climatology prize from  the Philip Morris tobacco corporation.

It gets better, or worse. Squarzoni’s second-ranked advisory source is Herve Le Treut, a coordinating lead author in the 5th IPCC report. It’s taxing my schoolboy French, but under his “Prix et distinctions”, one notices, “Prix Philip Morris (1992)”.  Merde, alors!

Nature complained in April, 2001, that the German arm of Philip Morris had been awarding annual research prizes since 1983 without controversy: Around 100 researchers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have received the Philip Morris prize…,” it noted. “This year’s winners, announced last week, each take home around US$100,000.”

Even if not identical, the Philip Morris Prizes that went to Jouzel and Le Treut clearly had a family connection to the US$100,000 Philip Morris Prizes offered in the German context.

See the context:


 Other pages are visible at Amazon].


Killing people is OK, but whatever you do, don’t kill a tree….

“Climate Changed is printed on FSC-certified paper from responsibly-managed, environmentally-sound sources.”

Reviewers at Amazon are oblivious to the murder of the Santa’s, and the totalitarian, violent theme: “It shows obvious concern for future with the climate changing. “  “The graphic format of this book is key to making the facts and complexities of climate change accessible. “   “Expert opinions are communicated succinctly with the words (and visual representations) of the experts in what seems to be a documentary format.”

Amazon readers need some better, more informative viewpoints. I imagine there would be parents who might buy it for Christmas who would appreciate knowing the totalitarian, violent theme, and multiple scientific errors that underlie this production.

Read it all at Quadrant. We are going to be talking more about this.


* Vice President of IPCC was changed to the correct term Vice Chair

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