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The Mann with no friends

Posted By Joanne Nova On September 18, 2014 @ 8:05 pm In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

In the case of the century Mark Steyn notes that not one climate scientist filed an amicus brief for Michael Mann, who has been lauded by some as “taking a stand for science”.

Mark Steyn:Gotcha. Michael Mann is not doing this for Michael Mann, or even for Michael Mann’s science, or even for climate science. He’s doing it for science. Mann is science and science is Mann.

Well, yesterday was the deadline, and not a single amicus brief was filed on behalf of Mann. Not one. So Michael Mann is taking a stand for science. But evidently science is disinclined to take a stand for Michael Mann.”

Today Michael Mann invited the world to do a Q & A on Twitter. How unfortunate. The twitter hashtag #AskDrMann is being referred to as a Mock-a-lanche.

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Bob Ward is outraged:

Steyn sees an opportunity:


 Steyn is a hero, but he can’t do this on his own

He writes: “…thank you during this content lull for keeping up your support for my pushback against Climatollah Mann via our Steyn Vs The Stick trial merchandise, our new SteynOnline gift certificates and all the other stuff – books, CDs, and more – over at the Steyn store. As the absence of amici suggests, the tide is turning against Mann. That’s in part due to the way we’ve been able to shine a light on his mountain of misrepresentations. And we’ve only been able to do that because your support kept us in the game during a very rocky patch at the beginning of this year. I’m profoundly grateful, and determined to fight on.”

 A great write up at twitchy
Mann invites the tweets:

Are you blocked yet? I am. I tried to retweet Michael Mann’s invitation and got the message: ” You have been blocked from retweeting this user’s Tweets at their request.”

UPDATE: Indeed, the game now is to see who can get blocked for the politest scientific question? Send your entries in.

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