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Gullible activists bury their heads in the sand

Posted By Joanne Nova On September 24, 2014 @ 1:08 pm In Funny stuff,Global Warming | Comments Disabled

I guess scientific debate is too hard for some people. While skeptics want to talk about the evidence, some people just want to put their heads in the sand.

This story tritely reminds us
that a picture is worth a thousands words. Indeed! The original caption read “Townsville Salutes the Australian government for their achievements in combating climate change”.  But the scientific evidence is clear that there are more accurate captions, so I thought I’d help them — strictly in the spirit of satire of course.

Fully 99% of climate models didn’t predict global warming would slow. Even in hindsight, they still don’t know why it happened.

The organizers want the idea to spread:

 Mr Hirst said he hoped that the concept would take off and that others would set up their own shots.

“People seem to like the idea … I would love to see people do it on Bondi Beach.”

 Go for it, I say. Tweet this!


Click here for the story of the 28 million weather balloons, and how tricky the IPCC can be at ignoring them. There’s more on the missing Hot Spot here.

Perhaps we can recruit more people to help Mr Hirst? How about this one?

Global emissions trading peaked at $176 billion US dollars a year. The voluntary part of the market is tiny. All of the emissions traders and financial houses that broker those deals depend on volunteers and lobbyists who pressure the governments of the Western world to legislate forced carbon markets. Without legal requirements on corporations to buy carbon credits, this market would vanish, and so would those profits.

Go on — be a part of it!

Join the climate-religion. Not convinced? You too can assume a smug sense of personal worth, knowing you are a superior human being, both morally and intellectually. All you have to do is parrot the words of government committees who use namecalling — “deniers” –  as their most persuasive scientific argument.

The original art had the wording “Townsville salutes” but knowing North Queenslanders it seemed a bit unfair. I’ve just reused the theme once, at the end here… I’d like to thank the volunteers who posed.

Credit where credit is due:

The image was the brainchild of Cranky Curlew Productions and the North Queensland Conservation Council, which wanted to support the People’s Climate March on Sunday, the largest climate march in history and which attracted more than 300,000 people in New York, by doing something a bit different.

“I felt like I wanted to do something different, we attend so many marches,” NQCC co-ordinator Wendy Tubman said.

The idea to capture people with their heads in the sand was the idea of NQCC member Penelope Sheridan. Her husband George Hirst, former editor of the newspaper Magnetic Times and now founder of Cranky Curlew, took the photo.

“I think it was an effective way of protesting but while also having a fun time. Once people had done it I think they actually enjoyed the process, they liked having their head in the sand … but maybe we shouldn’t tell people that,” Mr Hirst joked.

Vote for your favorite! Send in your suggestions…  : )

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