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Antarctic Sea Ice record high — 600,000km2 more than previous record

Posted By Joanne Nova On September 22, 2014 @ 3:57 pm In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

Despite all the “missing heat” hiding somewhere in the oceans, the extent of the Antarctic Sea Ice today is at a record high of 16.8 million square kilometers. In the Southern Hemisphere the record is 600,000 square kilometers more than has ever been recorded by satellites which began tracking the sea-ice extent in 1979 when CO2 was 336ppm. Atmospheric carbon dioxide has risen 20% globally since then and current global sea ice extent is slightly above than the average from 1978 -2008. The previous largest extent was 16.22 million km2 in 2012. This may not be the peak this year. Watch the chart with me this week.

The Antarctic Sea Ice usually reaches its annual peak the week after the Spring Equinox. Though it may peak as late as October 9th, as it did last year.

(Click to see the whole graph)

Source: Cryosphere

Arctic sea ice is 1.2 million square kilometers below average. Antarctic Sea ice is 1.7 million above average.

The slope of the recent upswing is similar to past short runs, but might be unusual at this time of year, though a lot of the 2014 track has been above average, so while it is a sharp rise, it is not that different to the pattern for this year.

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