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Peter Gleick thinks (or pretends) CO2 can melt traffic lights

Posted By Joanne Nova On July 3, 2013 @ 1:19 pm In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

Peter Gleick — infamous for using deception to steal documents “for The Cause” (see fakegate) — tweeted that it was getting hotter every year. He attached a picture of melting traffic lights. “Hot enough for you?” How good is this man’s physics?

This is a wider picture of events near to the traffic lights that melted in Kuwait.

248am blog shows another angle.

40 minutes after the first tweet, Gleick wrote:

@PeterGleick [No doubt from some fire, or odd combination of events -- not just air temp. But you get the idea!]“

@tan123 asked: “What, specifically, is the “idea” that you were trying to communicate when you tweeted this melted traffic light photo?”

@wattsupwiththat asked: “@PeterGleick MNN article says 110F in Kuwait, mnn.com. Explain why no melted traffic lights in Las Vegas yesterday at 117F.”

@wattsupwiththat:   @PeterGleick from McKibben’s folly last year Alarmist fact checking – street lights don’t melt at 115°F  [WUWT]

Eventually, faced with the facts by numerous witty tweeters, Gleick replies:

@PeterGleick Yes, good metaphor and symbol, though.

Thus showing, yet again, that misleading people about cause and effect is just fine if it promotes his politics. The means justifies the ends, and the politics is more important than the science.

This man is no scientist.


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