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Did Julia really say that? She’s here to help bankers “get their share”?

Posted By Joanne Nova On November 16, 2012 @ 10:21 pm In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

Her speech to the Australian Business Council yesterday:

And the “other Presidential contest”, the Chinese leadership transition is taking place today.  In 2015, China should take its pilot emissions trading scheme national.

In total around sixty per cent of the world’s GDP is either subject to a carbon price today, or has one legislated or planned for implementation in the two or three years ahead.

International carbon markets will cover billions of consumers this decade.  Ask the bankers at your table whether they want Australia to clip that ticket.  We’re going to help them get their share.

So that’s the work of coming years, that’s what preoccupies my thoughts as I think through the agenda for this country.

I skimmed this line on Andrew Bolts blog, but it didn’t really register until a friend from Europe emailed it to me. (Thanks Stefan).  Surely it was a slip, but then she follows it by saying “that’s what preoccupies my thoughts”.

So this is the new-ALP-  out goes the workers-party, in comes the bankers-party? Ho Ho Ho

How this for a hypothetical test? What if she knew of poor workers funds going missing, say, being misused through union corruption, would she launch an investigation immediately to recover the funds? Would she leave no stone unturned to make sure that unions were staying within the law and doing the right thing for those working families? Or could she be too busy making sure that all workers across Australia were coerced into paying a tithe to bankers and bureaucrats in a scheme to change the weather?

It’s purely hypothetical of course. Julia denies everything.

PS: As far as those tithes from workers go, Terry McCrann crunched the treasury numbers and tells us Australia will be sending $57 billion a year overseas by 2050 in order to pay for “carbon credits” to meet the atmospheric targets she has set. That’s 1.6% of GDP by 2050. Treasury thinks that won’t have any negative effect on the economy.

I think we need a new treasury.

No wonder the banks want their hand in that trough.


PS: Sorry, for foreign readers, some of this won’t make sense. You probably know Julia Gillard is our PM, but AWU news is front page stuff at the moment. (Bolt’s view too). AWU means Australian Workers Union.

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