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Uses for “Carbon-Tax” compensation that are not what Ms Gillard had in mind

Posted By Joanne Nova On June 26, 2012 @ 9:24 pm In Global Warming | Comments Disabled

I’m humbled and delighted. People are finding all kinds of creative ways to use that carbon tax compensation. (Thank you!) Gillards naked vote buying bribe is a step too low for conscientious hard working Australians. Here Geoffrey Houston wrote to let the Prime Minister know (and CC’d me):

Dear Ms Gillard,

This note is to thank you for my Clean Energy Advance of $350, which arrived in my bank account yesterday. As a self funded retiree, extremely concerned for Australia’s future, it will certainly come in handy in the fight against your government’s destructive policies.

I have disbursed it as follows:

· $100 donation to the IPA, an organization working to defend free speech against the efforts of the Greens helped by your government and to reveal the futility and underlying deceipt of your carbon (dioxide) tax.

· $100 donation to the Liberal Party to support the fight led by Tony Abbott to win the next election and remove the carbon (dioxide) tax.

· $100 donation to Joanne Nova whose web site is a resource for all who wish to understand the science which refutes the alarmist claims underpinning your destructive carbon (dioxide) tax.

· $50 to the Galileo Movement, a grass roots organisation campaigning to remove your carbon (dioxide) tax.

I will be pleased to disburse in a similar fashion any further bribes which you send.

Geoffrey D. Houston., PhD


Another productive Australian seeking a good use for “tainted money”

Dear Joanne,

 Attached is a Bank Transfer receipt for $344.88 being the amount that the Labor/Greens Parties are attempting to bribe (essentially my money anyway) me with by way of a ‘Clean Energy’ transfer to gain my vote.

I was born in 1942 and brought up in, what was then, a British colony in Africa.  I lived and worked in that country for over a decade after their independence.  In this way, I witnessed firsthand the transfer from a reasonably well administered country to what is now one of the more corrupt countries in the world.  I have travelled quite widely and experienced different cultures over reasonably long periods in some.  For instance, I worked and studied in UK for almost four years, I studied in USA for over a year and I worked in Papua New Guinea as a pilot/engineer for four years.  I have also visited India several times over the years.

 I never expected to see a third world level of corruption, in my lifetime, in Australia.  The Labor/Greens are attempting to drag this great country  down to those levels.  I hope we, the voters, will be able to turn this situation around soon.

 I would like to use your good services to ‘launder’ this tainted money as a contribution to your efforts in exposing the fraud that is ‘global warming/climate change/sustainable development’  fraud/scam.  Please do not feel any bad conscience over the use of this dirty money – I know that you will put it to good use.

 Prævalere  veritas – Temperi gradus illegitimus carborundum

 Best regards

Graham Chubb, Queensland

If you decide to invest your carbon tax compensation in removing the carbon tax, make sure you email the relevant Australian Parliamentary Representatives. (Please do not abuse this list, hand written emails are an asset, spam is not.)

For anyone who wonders:  no, I don’t have a rich miner or oil producer supporting me. Unlike the scientists who call us names,  there are no ARC Grants, or CSIRO and University jobs I can apply for. Which government fund will pay someone to point out the flaws in big-government policies?  David and I are self supporting (and don’t want to be any other way), and donations mean I can spend more time writing, researching, and working to help reduce the tax burdens, red tape, and spectacular wastage of your tax dollars. Thank you.

(Remember that your costs will rise. So make sure you can cover those bills before you give away any compensation. )

Donations (Paypal)  | Donations (other ways) .

Smiles and thanks aside. When someone who’s lived in the third world anxiously compares corruption there to Australia now, there is much to do.

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